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Welcome from the President

We Are Warriors!

We are one of the newest universities in our state and nation, and we are pleased that you are interested in us. Our Central Texas roots are deep, and our evolution has been in process for more than twenty years. We are the culmination of a collective vision, a dream shared by many, that upper-level and graduate study would someday be accessible to all Central Texans through a regional, public institution of higher education. In May 2009, by action of the Governor and the Legislature of the State of Texas, TAMUCT was approved as the tenth university in The Texas A&M University System. It now serves a wonderfully diverse population across an equally diverse and expansive geographic area, and it is committed to making a difference in the lives of all its students.

Our constant inspiration, and the source of our Warrior name, is the many thousands of men and women in uniform who have served and protected this nation with pride, courage, and unwavering determination. Those characteristics were also continuously evident in the community and educational leaders who pursued the vision that has now become Texas A&M University-Central Texas. They are characteristics we hope to instill and nurture in our students; they are cornerstones for the character of a university built on both excellence and inclusion. On a warm August day in 2010 when ground was broken for our permanent campus, we saw before us only the rolling land, the tree-covered hills, and the blue Texas sky, but we all shared the dream that will become our students' reality for decades to come. Because we knew, and had always known, that the future of our region, of our state, and of our nation would reside in our students.

Guided by the talent and dedication of an exceptional faculty and staff, the current pathways to more than fifty undergraduate and graduate degrees at TAMUCT will continue to expand and to diversify as our students are both challenged and supported by opportunities to enrich their lives inside and outside the classroom. We know the challenges faced by many of them, perhaps most of them, in their pursuit of a college education. We often marvel at their determination and their perseverance. Each year during our commencement ceremonies, the TAMUCT community celebrates the accomplishments of the graduating class, and we rededicate ourselves to creating a quality learning environment where every student matters and where every educational aspiration is valued.

It is truly an exciting time to be a Warrior, and to know that when you receive your baccalaureate or master's degree, you will have also participated in the building of a new university. Because our success, like that of all quality institutions of higher learning, will be ultimately measured by the success of our students. Our reputation will be built upon their achievements in the classroom, in the world of work and professions, in their service to community, and in the fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations. I can't imagine a vision more worthy of our passionate commitment, or an environment more appealing to future students whose presence will be valued and whose success will be celebrated.

We invite you to join us! Open the next chapter of your life as a TAMUCT Warrior!

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