Benefits Summary

We are pleased you are considering employment with Texas A&M University-Central Texas (TAMUCT). Following is a summary of the benefits currently offered by the University for Regular Exempt and Non-Exempt full-time employees. Part-time employees are eligible for certain benefits on a pro-rated basis. Please call Human Resources if you have any questions.

This is meant to be a summary of the benefit programs available to Regular Exempt and Non-Exempt staff at the University. Whenever conflicts occur between these summaries and the contracts, rules, regulations, or laws governing the administration of the various programs, the terms and conditions set forth in the various program contracts, rules, regulations, or laws shall prevail.

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Insurance Options

Employees can choose from a variety of programs offered by Texas A&M University System. Medical plans are; A&M Care-BCBSTX (PPO) and Graduate Student Health Plan (PPO). Medical plans include prescription coverage.

Other freestanding group insurance plans include Dental coverage (PPO and HMO), Vision coverage, Life Insurance coverage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Long Term Disability program, and Long Term Care plan. The employee’s share of any premium costs is deducted from the bi-weekly or monthly paycheck. Selected insurance coverage will be effective the first of the month following the 60th day of employment.


All regular employees are required to enroll in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) unless he or she qualifies for and elects to participate in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP). 

Contributor TRS OPR
Member 7.7% of annual salary 6.65% of annual salary
University 6.8% of member's annual salary 6.65% of member's annual salary

Voluntary Plans

All employees are eligible to participate in any of the Voluntary Plans currently available through Texas A&M University System:

  • Tax-Deferred Account Program (TDA)
  • Texa$aver Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP)

These plans allow employees to reduce their federal income taxes while saving additional money for the future. Employee participation is voluntary and contributions are made from the employee’s salary.


Vacation Leave

Full-time regular employees and 12 month regular faculty are eligible to earn:

  • 1-2 years=8 hours/month
  • 2-5 years=9 hours/month
  • 5-10 years=10 hours/month
  • 10-15 years=11 hours/month
  • 15-20 years=13 hours/month
  • 20-25 years=15 hours/month
  • 25-30 years=17 hours/month
  • 30-35 years=19 hours/month
  • 35+ years=21 hours/month

Vacation leave is pro-rated for part-time employees. Vacation time cannot be taken during the first 6 months of employment. Please refer to Texas A&M University System policy for details concerning usage of leave.

Holiday Leave

Employees are generally eligible for 12 to 15 holidays per calendar year. The state legislature determines the number of holidays; the A&M System Board of Regents approves the specific days based on the recommendations of institution/agency CEOs.

Sick Leave

Full time employees are eligible to earn up to 8 hours of sick leave per month. Earned sick leave may be used when you or an immediate family member is ill or injured or has a doctor or dentist appointment. 8 hours a year can be used to attend parent-teacher conferences for your children. Sick leave can be taken after you receive your first pay check.

Military Leave

Employees serving as members of the state or federal military forces are entitled to leave with pay for active duty or military training for up to 15 days annually. Employees serving as members of the Texas Guard or National Guard that are called to active duty are entitled to emergency leave with pay. This leave will not be charged against the employee’s 15 days of military training or duty leave.

Miscellaneous Paid Leave

The following types of leave may also be available to employees: Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), jury duty, funeral of certain family members, poor weather, and military training.

Tuition Scholarships

As an employee of A&M-Central Texas, you and your family members may be eligible for an employee scholarship. The employee scholarship is for $400 per semester and may be used at A&M-Central Texas or $150 per semester at Central Texas College.  Please contact the Scholarship Office at 254-501-5854 for more information.


Employees may purchase parking permits for the university for $60 a year. Payroll deductions are available at the beginning of the fiscal year, $30 in September and $30 in October. Rates are prorated if hired after 9/1 and must be paid after the receipt of the first paycheck. 

Paychecks and Direct Deposit

Paychecks for hourly paid employees are distributed bi-weekly, typically on Fridays. Paychecks for all other employees are distributed monthly. Employees are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit. The University does not provide salary advances to employees.

Social Security

All employees are covered by Federal Social Security. The employee’s share of the contribution is withheld by payroll deduction and is deposited along with University’s share into the employee’s account.

Workers’ Compensation

All employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance for injuries sustained during the performance of duty. Compensation is based on the nature of the injury and the employee’s salary at the time of the injury.

Employee Assistance Program

All full-time employees and their household members or dependents are eligible to receive up to five (5)-confidential short-term counseling visits, per person, per issue, per fiscal year - at NO cost to you. This eligibility also extends to departing employees for six months after separation. The program is available to you immediately.

The EAP is a confidential third party service. Deer Oaks clinicians are well-versed in helping clients of all ages. They are accessible at numerous locations throughout the area.

The EAP can assist with many different types of problems. Among these are stress, depression, anxiety, workplace difficulties, substance abuse, marital problems, family or parenting conflicts, grief, violence and unhealthy lifestyles. The EAP will also provide additional assistance with tools, and referrals for:

  • Childcare and Eldercare Resources
  • Financial and Legal Resources
  • Child and Parenting Support Services
  • Retiree Assistance Resources
  • College Resources
  • Moving Resources

The EAP is available when you need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Deer Oaks EAP will also coordinate with Texas A&M's Healthcare Plans, for cases that require treatment, under your medical benefit.

For more information, or to obtain a referral (to a provider near you), please call Deer Oaks toll-free at 1-866-327-2400. Online tools are accessible at Your login and password are both ‘TAMUCT’. Questions concerning coverage may be directed to 254-519-8610 or 254-519-8016.