Registration Instructions

These are instructions for how to register for classes through Warrior Web. The preferred browser for registering is Chrome. If you have questions, read the Registration FAQs, consult with your advisor, and/or contact the Registrar's Office.

  1. Login through Warrior Web.
  2. sign-in
  3. Type Register in the search bar.

  4. Click Register.

    select register
  5. Acknowledge the Financial Responsibility Agreement (first time).

  6. Select Term and then click Submit.

    choose term

    If Term is correct, click Save & Continue.

  7. (You will be redirected to College Scheduler to build a schedule and register for classes.)

  8. Setup information: Check Location and then click Save & Continue.

    select location, save and continue
  9. Select Course Status and then click Save & Continue.

    Select Course Status

    Select Instruction Mode and Save.

    Select Instructional Mode

    Select Level and Save.

    Select Level
  10. Find Courses, (click +Add Course):

  11. find courses

    Select Subject and Course

    Select Subject and Course

    Add Course: Review Course Description and click  +Add Course.   (Once all courses are added, click Go Back to Generate Schedules.)

    Add Course
  12. Click Generate Schedule, and then click View to choose which schedule is best for you.

    Generate Schedule adn View Schedule
  13. If the schedule fits your needs, click: Send course(s) to Shopping Cart. 

    Send course(s) to Shopping Cart
  14. Shopping Cart: Click  Register

    Click Register

  15. After completing registration:

    • Return to the main Warrior Web page or exit Warrior Web.
    • Be sure to exit Warrior Web, if you are using a publicly accessible computer.
    • If you have questions, read the Registration FAQs or consult with your advisor.
    • Contact the Registrar's Office: 
Virtual Advisor