Professional Licensures and Certifications Disclosures

Welcome to the Professional Licensure and Certification Disclosure portal at Texas A&M University-Central Texas.

For customized CPA eligibility prerequisites, please select the corresponding state of interest.

This information will aid in making informed decisions regarding the requirements to sit for the CPA exam in those respective states.


Alabama - Undetermined

Alaska - Undetermined

Arizona - Undetermined

Arkansas - Undetermined

Colorado - Undetermined The governing body is the Colorado State Board of Accountancy.

Connecticut - Undetermined

Delaware - Undetermined Accountancy is overseen by the Delaware Board of Accountancy.

District of Columbia - Undetermined

Florida - Undetermined

Georgia - Undetermined

Guam - Undetermined

Hawaii - Undetermined

Idaho - Undetermined

Illinois - Undetermined

Indiana - Undetermined The authority for accountancy is the Indiana Board of Accountancy.

Iowa - Undetermined

Kansas - Undetermined

Kentucky - Undetermined

Louisiana - Undetermined

Maine - Undetermined

Maryland - Undetermined

Massachusetts - Undetermined

Michigan - Undetermined

Minnesota - Undetermined

Mississippi - Undetermined

Missouri - Undetermined

Montana - Undetermined

Nebraska - Undetermined

Nevada - Undetermined

New Hampshire - Undetermined

New Jersey - Undetermined

New Mexico - Undetermined

New York - Undetermined The New York State Board for Public Accountancy is the regulating body. (site currently under construction)

North Carolina - Undetermined

North Dakota - Undetermined

Ohio - Undetermined

Oklahoma - Undetermined

Oregon - Undetermined

Pennsylvania - Undetermined

Puerto Rico - Undetermined The Puerto Rico Board of Accountancy, also known as the Junta Examinadora de Contadores Públicos Autorizados de Puerto Rico, manages the profession.

Rhode Island - Undetermined

South Carolina - Undetermined

South Dakota - Undetermined

Tennessee - Undetermined

Texas - MEETS

US Virgin Islands - Undetermined

Utah - Undetermined

Vermont - Undetermined The Vermont Board of Public Accountancy is the relevant authority.

Virginia - Undetermined

Washington - Undetermined

West Virginia - Undetermined

Wisconsin - Undetermined

Wyoming - Undetermined

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