Accident Reporting

If immediate medical attention is needed call 911 or go to an urgent care facility right away. 

If you or one of your employees is injured while working, please report this via the Safety Worklet in Workday within 24 hours.  If you learn of the injury after the 24 hour timeframe, you still MUST report it in Workday.

To report a workplace injury in Workday, please complete the following steps:
  1. Select the Safety Worklet from your Workday homepage.
  2. Under Actions > Report Incident
  3. Under Reporting Details provide:
    • Location
    • Reported By
    • Initially Reported To
    • Supervisor on Duty (the employee's supervisor)
  4. Under Incident Details provide:
    • Incident Date and Time
    • Notification Date and Time
    • Type of Incident
    • Incident Location
    • Summary (Please provide a detail summary [think of who, what, when, where, and why] of the incident such as building name, specific location [stairwell, etc.], and any witnesses.
  5. If you have any pictures or attachments, please add them to the report.
  6. Select submit.