Spring 2023 Graduation

Spring 2023 Commencement Information

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Ready for graduation? Take a minute to prepare!

Congratulations on approaching the finish line of your university career! Whatever path the next phase of  your life takes you, you're completing an important milestone with the completion of your degree... but there's one important checkpoint before you go:

Complete your application to graduate now!

Step-by-step: Complete your
graduation application!

You've probably already completed a graduation checklist with your academic advisor. (If not, talk to her or him right now!) But the graduation checklist is not the same as applying for graduation.

To graduate, you must complete an application to graduate. There's an application fee involved, a deadline, and the possibility for late fees if you are not complete in time.

The non-refundable Graduation Application Fee is $50 for all applicants who apply before the application deadline. Fees are to be paid at the Business Office (FH 108C.) Students who do not apply by the Application Deadline will be assessed an additional $20 late fee and will be eligible for conferral only.

Graduation: Spring 2023

  • Ceremony Date: 3 pm, May 13

  • Location: Bell County Expo Center
  • Application Deadline: March 31 for ceremony participation. The application deadline for Degree Conferral only (NO ceremony participation) is May 12.
  • Orientation: Location and date are to be determined.


Graduation: Summer 2023

  • Ceremony Date: 10 am, August 11

  • Location: Bill Yowell Conference Center in Warrior Hall


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