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Report Threatening Behavior or Other Behavioral Concerns on Campus

Welcome to the Texas A&M University-Central Texas Police Department's on-line crimes report form. If this is an emergency or the crime you wish to report is in progress call the TAMUCT Police Department at 911. If you have been the victim of an assault, direct threat, or any other crime, you are also strongly encouraged to contact the TAMUCT Police Department for assistance.

The Threatening Behavior or Other Behavioral Concerns form is an alternative method available to the campus community to report criminal activity, threatening behavior, and/or other behavioral concerns. Individuals who exhibit potentially threatening, intimidating, or dangerous actions or behavioral patterns may be participating in destructive decisions (self destructive and/or destructive towards others), may have talked about plans to harm themselves or others, or may have access to weapons that can be used to harm themselves or others. Individuals who have not yet developed plans or obtained the means to harm themselves or others may still benefit from intervention. No one indicator necessarily means that an individual may harm their self or others; multiple observed factors are often involved. The TAMUCT Police Department encourages reporting of individuals who may fall into these categories.

If you want to advise the Police Department of criminal or suspicious activity in your building or work area you have reached the right place. All you have to do is fill out the form below and it will be sent directly to the Police Department.


  1. This form is only being used at this time for those individuals of the TAMUCT Community that for whatever reason wish not to inform the Police Department in person.
  2. Please use this form only to report crimes that occurred on property owned, rented, or leased by TAMUCT.
  3. Please complete as many lines of this report as you possibly can.
  4. Personal information areas are optional.

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