Facilities Management

SSC Service Solutions is primarily responsible for providing a clean and safe environment for students, faculty, and staff. Personnel are on campus and performing routine cleaning between 6:30 am and 9 pm Monday – Thursday and 6:30 am and 8 pm on Friday. Environmental Service personnel are not on campus during weekends and holidays. Please ensure that the floor and surfaces which need to be cleaned are void of paper, files, books, boxes, etc. If there is a need for immediate assistance, please contact one of the environmental services personnel.

Maintenance Connection Service Requests

Use the Maintenance Connection to Submit a Service Request. Note that you will need to create an account first.

When completing a service request, please include a detailed description of the task being requested. Once a service request is received, a representative will contact you in regards to scheduling a time for the requested task(s) to be completed. Please submit requests in advance to allow an appropriate amount of time for the process to be completed (i.e. scheduling and task completion).

Helpful Tips

Maintaining a clean and safe environment is a challenging and never ending endeavor. Students, staff, and faculty can assist in this endeavor by doing the following:

  • Blood spills and human waste incidents should be reported to Environmental Services immediately. Do not attempt to clean these areas, but notify fellow employees to avoid any subsequent safety issues.
  • Move classroom furniture back into original positions.
  • Dispose of trash, waste and recycled products in containers provided in offices and common areas.
  • Call the Facilities department to report spills or leaks. (We ask that the reporting individual cover the area with paper towels to absorb the spill and to identify these areas to fellow employees to avoid any subsequent safety issues.)
  • Do not use trash cans as a storage area for papers, folders or umbrellas. Identify boxes and papers that are to be discarded.


Maintenance (SSC)

Ted Reynolds 

Custodial (Marcis)

Jessica Caldwell or

Virtual Advisor