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Room Events: for group presentations, receptions, gatherings, etc.

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Our Event Services team, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities at A&M University-Central Texas, is committed to transforming each gathering into an unforgettable experience.

Seamless Event Planning with Expert Guidance:
Planning your event is as easy as 1-2-3 with our streamlined process:

  1. Get Started:
    Dive into our comprehensive Event Guidelines to ensure your event shines.
  2. Secure Your Space:
    Contact Tetyana Quiles for the space confirmation number via e-mail.
  3. Finalize the Details:
    Complete our Event Request Form to select your event specifics.

For a seamlessly orchestrated event, we advise initiating contact at least 15 business days prior.


Thank you for considering Texas A&M University-Central Texas for your event needs. We look forward to collaborating with you and making your event memorable.

Event Services, Guidelines, Booking and Resources

Information about University Events, instructions for booking and resource materials

Guidelines for Booking

  1. Contact Tetyana Quiles via for information and availability of all rooms listed.
  2. Capacity for each room may vary depending on room setup (banquet, lecture, or empty).
  3. Technology available in each room is listed, please confirm with Tetyana Quiles for specific needs.
  4. Please provide at least two weeks notice for booking requests.
  5. Certain areas, such as courtyards and terraces, may have restrictions on setup and decor.
  6. For any additional requests or concerns, please contact Tetyana Quiles.
  7. If you are looking for a specific type of room, such as a lecture hall or conference room, please refer to the listings provided for detailed information on capacity, technology, and contact information.
  8. Please make sure you have confirmed the availability of the room before making any further arrangements.

For detailed information about the spaces we have available for use, please view this chart.

Special Events Room Bookings Info 2023.PDF
Tue 5/23/23 9:20 AM View Chart

Available spaces on our campus for event use:


  • General Robert M. Shoemaker Founders Hall
  • Warrior Hall
  • Beck Family Heritage Hall

Rooms Per Building

General Robert M. Shoemaker Founders Hall:

  • Bernie Beck Lecture Hall (119) - 104 (banquet) 150 (lecture) 150 (empty)
  • Lobby (unspecified room number) - 54
  • Katz Courtyard - unspecified
  • Carlson Law Firm Courtyard - unspecified
  • Patriot Buick-GMC Conference Room (213) - 20
  • BKCW Insurance Conference Room (316) - 20

Warrior Hall:

  • Bill Yowell Conference Center (117A, 118B) - 160 (banquet) 288 (lecture) 340 (empty)
  • Bill Yowell Conference Center (117A) - 88 (banquet) 160 (lecture) 198 (empty)
  • Bill Yowell Conference Center (118B) - 48 (banquet) 72 (lecture) 79 (empty)
  • Bill Yowell Conference Center Reception (unspecified room number) - 23
  • Bill Yowell Conference Center Gallery (unspecified room number) - 9
  • Fikes Lobby (unspecified room number) - 62
  • Alumni Courtyard (unspecified room number) - unspecified
  • Terrace (unspecified room number) - 160
  • Conference Room (215) - 16
  • Conference Room (303A) - 19
  • CenturyLink Conference Room (303B) - 24
  • Greater Killeen Young Professionals Conference Room (403) - 44
  • Classroom (417) - 60

Beck Family Heritage Hall:

  • Beck Family Heritage Hall Amphitheater (unspecified room number) - 108
  • Beck Family Heritage Hall Lobby (100) - 99
  • Beck Family Heritage Hall Collaborative Porch 1st Floor Front (unspecified room number) - 4 Square tables (4 chairs each), 2 Round tables (7 chairs total)

Please note: The capacity of a room is not only determined by the number of people that can physically fit in the space, but also by safety and health regulations. It is best to check with Tetyana Quiles ( | 254-501-5820) for the most accurate and updated information about each room.

Furniture & Linens Inventory



  • 120” Burgundy - 30
  • 120” Navy Blue - 30
  • 120” White - 20
  • 120” Black - 20
  • 6 FT Fitted Black – 10
  • 6 FT Fitted White – 4
  • 6 FT Fitted Navy Blue – 10


  • Burgundy - 100
  • Navy Blue - 100
  • Black - 100
  • Green - 100


  • Navy Blue -130
  • White - 180



  • Black Aluminum and Steel Lectern with Curved Design and Built-In Shelf, 47-Inch Tall


  • 159 chairs
  • 14 round tables
  • 10 rectangle tables

FOUNDERS HALLS STORAGE(Behind the vending machines in Founders Hall Lobby)

  • 20 30'' round wood cocktail tables - 20 with 30'' & 42'' columns
  • 10 25'' round wood cocktail tables - 10 with 30'' & 42'' columns
  • 15 Chrome Stanchion Posts & Ropes


  • 254 chairs
  • 21 round tables
  • 20 rectangle tables
  • 6 portable stage platforms
  • 1 portable podium


  • 8 round folding tables
  • 12 rectangle tables
  • 10 folding rectangle
  • 2 folding serpentine half-moon
  • 56 folding chairs

Events in foyers, hallways

Table Events: inside and outside

About Us

Welcome to Texas A&M University-Central Texas Event Services! Our dedicated team is here to assist you in planning and hosting successful events on campus. We offer support to students, faculty, staff, and external organizations, guiding you through every step of the event planning process.


Event Services at Texas A&M University-Central Texas is committed to addressing the varied needs of our entire community. Our experienced team provides expert advice and support in organizing events for individual colleges, departments, registered student organizations, and external groups.


Our goal is to ensure a smooth and successful event planning experience for the Texas A&M University-Central Texas community. We focus on delivering exemplary customer service and support from the initial planning stages to the completion of your event. Our team's meticulous attention to detail and personalized service approach are what set us apart in managing each event.

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