BS Professional Pilot

Program Availability: Online | Program Length: 120 Hours

Group of students in a classroom with a model airplane

Program Overview

The Aviation Science-Professional Pilot Bachelor of Science at Texas A&M University-Central Texas provides students with a well-rounded curriculum that encompasses conceptual foundations in aviation science and management. Texas A&M University-Central Texas offers the only state-supported four-year professional pilot program in Texas. The program is 100% online, so you can study to move forward in your career from home or anywhere with Internet access.

The Aviation Science-Professional Pilot program offers both junior- and senior-level coursework. All lower-level core aviation and flight courses are transferred into A&M - Central Texas, as we do not have a flight school. This includes the required FAA Instrument Rating and the FAA Commercial Flight Certificate.

As a student in the Professional Pilot program, you will concentrate on aircraft flight operations and be further prepared though science/technology orientated coursework. This program focuses on advanced aeronautical ratings complemented by business administration, management, and communication skills for professional pilots in the civil and military aviation industries.

Program Information