Senior's transition from learning to be trained, mentored and evaluated to learning to train, mentor and evaluate underclass cadets. MS IV cadets learn the responsibilities of an Army staff officer by applying the Military Decision Making Process, Army Writing Style and the Army's Training Management. Preparing our students for success at Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) B, where the students will attend after graduation and commissioning.

As seniors for the Warrior Company, MS IV's:

  • Apply Army leadership dimensions as cadet Company leaders
  • Evaluate fellow cadets
  • Perform the duties of a cadet company staff position
  • Counsel underclass cadets to improve performance
  • Conduct training meetings to plan, execute, and assess training
  • Mentor and evaluate underclass cadets during tactical operations
  • Apply the training management process through OPORD's and rehearsals
  • Prepare underclass cadets for upcoming CLC
Virtual Advisor