MS I and II

As a MSI or MSII Cadet, you are not required to be contracted to participate in the program, even though the option exists for MSII cadets. We actually encourage you to participate in the program until you are a MSIII before signing a contract. Contrary to the misconception that ROTC is an easy way to earn your commission, cadets realize it is not true the very first day they participate in our program; here we will challenge you both physically and mentally through rigorous trainings. Arrive a student leave a leader.

Requirement for MS I & MS II Cadets

  • PT once a week, however cadets are encouraged to attend all sessions.
  • Cadets are expected to attend class in the Army Combat Uniform (ACU).
  • LAB on Wednesday, here you engage in different combat training (STX) developing your leadership skills (uniform is ACU)
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