Foundation FAQs

We know that A&M-Central Texas is a part of The Texas A&M University System. Doesn’t the University receive funding from them?
A&M-Central Texas became the 10th of 11 universities with The Texas A&M University System. While we have been fortunate to receive system-based research grants and personnel support for our research activities, The Texas A&M University System does not provide or supplement individual university budgets.

May I choose where my donation goes?

Yes! Every donor can select both the activity they wish to fund and the entity through which they wish to give. For example, some donors give to the University through the Foundation, others wish to give directly to the University. Whichever method you chose is appreciated because every donation makes an impact! Give us a call and we will help you better understand the alternatives. We want you to be completely happy with your donation.

May I pay for my donation over time?

Yes! Depending on the size of the gift, a donor can arrange a payment program to fulfill their pledge, even for as long as five years.

I can’t afford a big gift, but I want to help. Will a gift of $25, $50 or $100 make a difference?

Of course it will! Many of our students make every effort to make ends meet on their own. Many are recipients of federal or state financial assistance. Others are independent of financial aid and just need a little help to purchase a textbook.

Because of the diversity of students we serve, we know how unique each one is and how grateful they are for the assistance they receive. We know – because they have told us – that they are grateful for the generosity of those who give and their sense of gratitude isn’t proportional to the size of the donation, it’s proportional to the size of the donor’s heart!

How much does it cost to attend A&M-Central Texas?

Because we are committed to accessibility and affordability, A&M-Central Texas intentionally keeps tuition as low as possible. In fact, in 2017, The Austin American Statesman identified A&M-Central Texas as having the third lowest tuition of more than 30 public universities in the State of Texas.

In 2018-2019, an undergraduate student, attending full time, taking traditional on-campus classes would pay $3,200 per semester. And while we are proud that our tuition is affordable, we are equally determined to ensure that everyone who wants to attend can attend, regardless of their ability to pay. And for that, we need the help of our donors!

I don’t want anyone to know that I have made a donation. Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. We are ethically bound to respect your wishes and will never make the details of a donation public without your permission to do so.

Who invests my endowment funds?

Endowed gifts made through the University Foundation are deposited through the A&M-Central Texas Foundation but are managed by The Texas A&M University System.

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