Chris Poole

Photo of Dr. Chris  Poole

Dr. Chris Poole

  • Department: Educational Leadership & Human Development
  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Room: WH-322q
Chris is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology and Human Performance within the Department of Educational Leadership and Human Development at Texas A&M Central Texas. He brings four years of university teaching experience and three years of performance coaching and management experience in both collegiate and private settings to A&M. Chris teaches courses in the areas of Kinesiology, Strength and Conditioning, and Exercise Prescription. Chris’ research interests are centered around the acute and chronic adaptions to movement interventions in young, middle-aged, and older adult populations. Chris loves experiencing the outdoors, particularly in mountainous areas with tall pine trees and cooler temperatures. It is Chris’ goal to help each student learn and grow both professionally and personally in preparation for life’s endeavors beyond the collegiate setting.