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April 29, 2024

Matthew Jimenez 

Matthew Jimenez

  • What is your current role or if retired, what was your previous role?
  • "I am currently employed as the Senior Vice President of Relationship and Project Solutions at First Community Service. My role focuses on the project life cycle of initiatives the organization wants to complete. In addition, I am the primary contact for vendor and contract management."

  • What is something about you others would be interested to know?
  • "I have lived in Killeen the majority of my life. In my leisure time, I like to spend time with my family, traveling and going to see live music. Also, I enjoy running and cycling."
  • What does A&M-Central Texas mean to you?
  • "My experience at TAMU-CT was very positive for me personally and professionally. Professionally, TAMU-CT provided an environment to propel my career forward. Attending a university with students who are starting a new career or exploring ways to advance their existing career helped immensely. In the classroom, their experiences allowed for interesting, thought provoking conversations that I could apply to my day to day role at First Community Services."
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