Getting Started

VA students must have met all requirements prior to transferring to Texas A&M University – Central Texas.  Students need to apply on line, submit all required transcripts, proof of residency documents, etc, prior to being admitted to TAMUCT. Once admitted, course registration will be allowed. Once registered, submit all VA required paperwork for the enrollment certification.

Enrollment certification

Enrollment will not be certified by the VA Certifying Official until all necessary documentation has been received.

Hazlewood Checklist

Tips for a Successful Certification

  1. Turn in paperwork early!
  2. Turn in all requested paperwork at one time.
  3. Fill out the request forms completely. Incomplete paperwork will be rejected.
  4. Let us know immediately of any schedule changes to reduce the likelihood of a debt.
  5. Keep your contact information current; phone numbers and email addresses are the most common ways we will contact you.
  6. Register for classes before turning in your request forms to our office.
  7. TAMUCT Veterans Affairs staff CANNOT add or drop classes for you at any time. Adds, drops, and withdrawals from the university must be done through WarriorWeb or the Records office.
Virtual Advisor