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Estimating your tuition and fees

Our tuition calculator will help you estimate your per-semester tuition and fees for the academic semester you select. Your actual cost of attendance may vary.

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Resident Tuition and Standard Fees:
The average annual gift aid received by full-time undergraduate students at A&M-Central Texas was $6,624 per year! (2022-2023 academic year)
Non-Resident Tuition and Standard Fees:
Per section 54.051(d) of the Texas Education Code, these costs are contingent upon rates calculated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for nonresident students enrolled in Texas public universities. Therefore, the actual rate will vary depending on the calculation.

Estimated charges include Bachelor Bonus savings of $0 for Texas residents and $0 for non-Texas residents.

The combined total for tuition and required fees includes tuition, student services fee, student health fee, and recreational sports fee.

The estimate does not include these additional fees.
Laboratory $2 to $30
Certificate $25 to $100
Certification $25 to $150
Internship $100 to $3,000
Fall/Spring Parking $30
Summer Parking $10
Testing Fee (Undergraduates Only) $15
International Program $40
Course-Related (i.e., Field Placement) $5 to $175
Repeated Course $100 per SCH
Excessive Hours $100 per SCH
Materials * Based upon course requirements