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2016 Fall Syllabi Archive

Course Syllabi Instructor
ACCK-300-110-Accounting Concepts Fulmore, Anthony
ACCK-301-120-Bus Analysis Using Sprdsheets Labombard, Tamara
ACCK-302-110-Cost Accounting Calk, Russell
ACCK-303-110-Intermediate Accounting I Calk, Russell
ACCK-303-120-Intermediate Accounting I Calk, Russell
ACCK-304-110-Intermediate Accounting II Fulmore, Anthony
ACCK-307-110-Writing for Accountants McNett, Stephen
ACCK-401-110-Financial Acct Fulmore, Anthony
ACCK-403-110-Adv Accounting Princ McNett, Stephen
ACCK-405-110-Fed Tax Acct Cargill, William
ACCK-406-110-Fed Tax Acct Adv Labombard, Tamara
ACCK-423-110-Ethics for Accountants McNett, Stephen
ACCK-424-110-Auditing Evidence And Report Cargill, William
ACCK-450-110-Management Information Systems Cargill, William
ACCK-503-115-Accounting and Management Ritter, David
ACCK-503-125-Accounting and Management Ritter, David
ACCK-505-110-Accounting Theory Fulmore, Anthony
ACCK-550-115-Forensic Investigative Acct Ritter, David
ACCK-570-110-Seminar in Auditing Cargill, William
ANTK-300-115-Cultural Anthropology Jones, Christine
ANTK-320-125-Archaeology Jones, Christine
ANTK-451-110-Forensic Anthropology Jones, Christine
ANTK-551-110-Forensic Anthropology Jones, Christine
ASCK-301-110-Air Carrier Operations Fullingim, James
ASCK-302-110-Techniques of Instruction Fullingim, James
ASCK-401-110-Aviation Law Fullingim, James
ASCK-408-110-Aviation Safety Fullingim, James
BIOL-300-110-Introduction to Biology Weiser Erlandson, Laura
BIOL-301-110-Ecology Weiser Erlandson, Laura
BIOL-330-110-Botany Schachner, Lauren
BIOL-352-110-Principles of Genetics Martinez, Allyson
BIOL-499-110-Independent Study Weiser Erlandson, Laura
CHEM-315-110-Analytical Chemistry Pham, Linh
CHEM-430-110-Biochemistry I Pham, Linh
CISK 301-120 Bus Analysis Using Sprdsheets Phillips, Brandon
CISK 450-140 Managment Information Systems Phillips, Brandon
CISK-300-110-Computer Tech and Impact Elder, Betty
CISK-300-130-Computer Tech and Impact Phillips, Brandon
CISK-301-110-Bus Analysis Using Sprdsheets Brown, Randall
CISK-301-120-Bus Analysis Using Sprdsheets Brown, Randall
CISK-303-110-Programming Logic and Design Eruysal, Ferdi
CISK-315-110-Web Site Develop and Design Woodcock, Timothy
CISK-315-120-Web Site Develop and Design Hill, Steven
CISK-331-110-Visual Basic Programming Villarreal, Marco
CISK-331-120-Visual Basic Programming Elder, Betty
CISK-341-110-Advance VB Programing Villarreal, Marco
CISK-341-120-Advance VB Programing Villarreal, Marco
CISK-342-110-Advance Java Programing Woodcock, Timothy
CISK-346-110-PC Technology Villarreal, Marco
CISK-347-110-Data Communications Gray, Emmet
CISK-347-120-Data Communications Gray, Emmet
CISK-348-110-Network Architecture Design Villarreal, Marco
CISK-348-120-Network Architecture Design Gray, Emmet
CISK-351-110-Data Structures Woodcock, Timothy
CISK-389-110-System Analysis and Design Gadson, William
CISK-401-110-Database Theory and Practice Eruysal, Ferdi
CISK-445-110-Network and Systems Security Gray, Emmet
CISK-450-110-Management Information Systems Gadson, William
CISK-450-120-Management Information Systems Villarreal, Marco
CISK-450-130-Management Information Systems Gray, Emmet
CISK-450-140-Management Information Systems Gray, Emmet
CISK-450-150-Management Information Systems Hill, Steven
CISK-476-110-Network Administration Thai, Son
CISK-478-110-Comprehensive Networking Brown, Randall
CISK-480-110-Software Engineering Woodcock, Timothy
CISK-486-140-Problems Woodcock, Timothy
CISK-504-110-Telecommunications for Manager Brown, Randall
CISK-507-110-Sys Analysis for Managers Chennamaneni, Anitha
CISK-511-110-Managing Information Systems Chennamaneni, Anitha
CISK-511-120-Managing Information Systems Eruysal, Ferdi
CISK-516-115-Applied Database Management Chennamaneni, Anitha
CISK-545-110-Extensible Markup Lang Brown, Randall
CISK-586-120-Problems Chennamaneni, Anitha
CISK-598-120-Research Methods in Info Sys Eruysal, Ferdi
CJK-300-110-Juvenile Delinquency Greenwood, Lynn
CJK-305-110-Criminology Grant, Erin
CJK-305-120-Criminology Quinones, Michele
CJK-305-130-Criminology Taylor, Liana
CJK-310-110-C J Supervision & Management Piechocki, Gerald
CJK-310-120-C J Supervision & Management Siegelin, Cheri
CJK-310-130-C J Supervision & Management Miller, Cynthia
CJK-315-110-Criminal Evidence Greenwood, John
CJK-315-120-Criminal Evidence Walden, Steven
CJK-315-130-Criminal Evidence Mapes, Jerris
CJK-340-110-Homeland Security Griffis, Richard
CJK-352-110-Physical Asp of Forensic Sci Bracewell, Tammy
CJK-356-110-Medicolegal Death Investiga Bracewell, Tammy
CJK-412-110-Criminal Justice Ethics Greenwood, Lynn
CJK-412-120-Criminal Justice Ethics Pratt, James
CJK-415-110-Crim Justice Statistics Taylor, Liana
CJK-416-110-Methods Crim Justice Research Taylor, Liana
CJK-416-130-Methods Crim Justice Research Grant, Erin
CJK-431-110-Crim Justice Field Experience Greenwood, Lynn
CJK-451-110-Forensic Anthropology Jones, Christine
CJK-498-110-Senior Seminar Greenwood, Lynn
CJK-498-130-Senior Seminar Grant, Erin
CJK-500-110-Multivariate Analysis Berry, Floyd
CJK-501-110-Advanced Criminology Quinones, Michele
CJK-507-110-Homeland Security Bracewell, Tammy
CJK-521-110-Leadership & Supervision Bracewell, Tammy
CJK-522-110-Advanced CJ Ethics Quinones, Michele
CJK-597-110-Thesis Berry, Floyd
CJK-597-120-Thesis Quinones, Michele
CJK-597-130-Thesis Bracewell, Tammy
CJK-597-140-Thesis Bracewell, Tammy
CJK-598-110-Advanced Methods Taylor, Liana
CNSK-552-110-Seminar in Sch Counseling Greer, Carolyn
CNSK-590-110-Selected Topics in Counseling Vivona, Genna
CNSK-591-115-Ethical Foundation of Counsel Moseley, Sarah
CNSK-595-110-Practicum In Counseling I Vivona, Genna
CNSK-596-110-Practicum in Cnsl II Greer, Carolyn
COMK-301-125-Business and Prof Speaking Mallonee, Laura
COMK-304-115-Interpers Comm Mallonee, Laura
COMK-404-110-Organizational Comm Mallonee, Laura
COMK-529-110-Topics in Mass Media Hamilton, Charles
COMK-529-125-Topics in Mass Media Hamilton, Charles
CPSK-550-110-Found of Counseling & Psych Berry, Jeremy
CPSK-551-110-Career Counseling and Guidance Moseley, Sarah
CPSK-553-110-Per & Counseling Theory & Appl Saatci, Yesim
CPSK-554-110-Group Procedure for Counselors Berry, Jeremy
CPSK-556-115-Intro Family Cnsl And Therapy Vivona, Genna
CPSK-557-120-Methods & Prac in Cnsl and Psy Shuler, Michelle
CPSK-558-110-Cnsl Persp on Psychopathology Lapierre, Coady
CPSK-594-110-Substance Abuse Shuler, Michelle
CSK-343-110-Computer Architecture Woodcock, Timothy
CSK-351-110-Data Structures Woodcock, Timothy
CSK-389-110-Intro to Software Engineering Woodcock, Timothy
CSK-401-110-Database Theory and Practices Eruysal, Ferdi
CSK-478-110-Computer Networks Brown, Randall
CSK-486-110-Computer Science Problems Woodcock, Timothy
CSK-486-120-Computer Science Problems Woodcock, Timothy
ECOK-303-110-Money And Banking Dyer, Stephen
EDAK-500-110-Found in Educ Leadership Eddins, Bobbie
EDAK-501-110-Research in Educ Leadership Vasek, Joseph
EDAK-507-110-Ldrshp of Human Resources Butler, Linda
EDAK-509-110-Legal Issues in School Ldrship Novotny, Michael
EDAK-516-110-Ldrshp of Effect Instruct Morgan, Karen
EDAK-518-110-Adm Law & Personnel Adm Novotny, Michael
EDAK-536-110-Inst Dev and Sch Imp Becker, Darrell
EDAK-539-110-Processes of Edu Leadership Eddins, Bobbie
EDAK-542-110-Ldrshp of Campus Resources Eddins, Bobbie
EDAK-545-110-Ldrshp of Curriculum Systems Becker, Darrell
EDAK-555-110-Ldrship of Diverse Learn Comm Burns, Joseph
EDAK-560-110-Educ Leadrshp Applications Duncan, William
EDAK-599-110-Practicum for Principalship Duncan, William
EDTK-549-110-Educational Media and Tech Schwegler, Andria
EDTK-549-510-Educational Media and Tech Schwegler, Andria
EDUK-300-110-Wrld Rgnl Geog for Edtrs Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-300-120-Wrld Rgnl Geog for Edtrs Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-320-110-Prof Dev I-Understand Learners Ott, Robert
EDUK-320-510-Prof Dev I-Understand Learners Gonzalez, Albert
EDUK-320-530-Prof Dev I-Understand Learners Gonzalez, Albert
EDUK-325-110-Fund of Bil/ESL Educ Tang, Agnes
EDUK-330-120-Prof Dev II:Effect Instruction Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-330-520-Prof Dev II: Effective Instr Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-340-110-Math Instr for Teachers Hamilton, Christina
EDUK-340-120-Math Instr for Teachers Hamilton, Christina
EDUK-350-110-Science Instr for Tchrs Jackson, George
EDUK-350-120-Science Instr for Tchrs Jackson, George
EDUK-404-110-Early Childhood Environments Moore, Denetra
EDUK-404-510-Early Childhood Environments Moore, Denetra
EDUK-420-110-Lang Arts/FA/SS for Tchrs Davis, Jennifer
EDUK-420-120-Lang Arts/FA/SS for Tchrs Davis, Jennifer
EDUK-430-110-Pro Development III Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-430-510-Pro Development III Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-435-110-Issues In Prof Development Davis, Deborah
EDUK-440-110-Tech App & Integ for Tchrs Jackson, Karen
EDUK-490-110-Clinical Teaching Diaz, Amber
EDUK-500-110-Found & History of Educ Hamilton, Christina
EDUK-502-110-Cultural Div Schools & Comm Strutton, Joan
EDUK-538-110-Curr Design and Impl Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-585-110-Education Seminar Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-585-120-Education Seminar Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-585-125-Education Seminar Anderson, Stephen
EDUK-598-110-Techniques of Research Ott, Robert
EDUK-599-110-Internship in Teaching Diaz, Amber
EDUK-599-111-Internship in Teaching Diaz, Amber
ENGK-303-110-Western Literature I Dunai, Amber
ENGK-305-110-Critical Analysis of Lit Stacks, Geoffrey
ENGK-309-110-Tech Writing & Document Design Wheeler, Phyllis
ENGK-309-130-Tech Writing & Document Design Wheeler, Phyllis
ENGK-309-140-Tech Writing & Document Design Hill, Sherry
ENGK-309-150-Tech Writing & Document Design Hill, Sherry
ENGK-309-160-Tech Writing & Document Design Hill, Sherry
ENGK-330-110-Advanced Composition Bayless, Ryan
ENGK-335-115-Film Studies Redmon, Allen
ENGK-343-110-Creative Writing Bayless, Ryan
ENGK-370-110-Introduction to Linguistics Dunai, Amber
ENGK-411-110-Studies in Rhetoric and Lang Kirchoff, Jeffrey
ENGK-418-110-Literary Period Stacks, Geoffrey
ENGK-418-125-Literary Period Stacks, Geoffrey
ENGK-439-125-Film Theory and Criticism Redmon, Allen
ENGK-460-110-Adv Studies in Secondary Engl Wheeler, Phyllis
ENGK-486-125-Engl Probs Bowles, Bruce
ENGK-520-110-Studies in Engl Language Dunai, Amber
ENGK-530-110-Studies in Rhetoric Kirchoff, Jeffrey
ENGK-585-110-Engl Seminar Dunai, Amber
ENGK-586-125-Special Problems Bowles, Bruce
ESPK-361-110-Survey Ex Lrnr Allen, Amanda
ESPK-361-120-Survey Ex Lrnr Allen, Amanda
ESPK-463-115-Teach Learners With Learn Dis Allen, Amanda
ESPK-464-125-Tch Learners With Develop Dis Allen, Amanda
ESPK-528-110-Case Mgmt Educ Diagnosticians McBurnett, Lisa
FAK-347-110-Music History to 1750 Leger, Francis
FAK-401-115-Arts in Cont Society Bayless, Ryan
FAK-411-125-Protest Song in America Bayless, Ryan
FAK-486-110-Problems in Fine Arts Leger, Francis
FAK-486-125-Problems in Fine Arts Leger, Francis
FAK-486-135-Problems in Fine Arts Leger, Francis
FINK-300-110-Analysis of Personal Fin Miller, Brady
FINK-301-120-Prin of Fin Mgmt Dyer, Stephen
FINK-301-130-Prin of Fin Mgmt Dyer, Stephen
FINK-301-140-Prin of Fin Mgmt Kelly, Mary
FINK-301-150-Prin of Fin Mgmt Miller, Brady
FINK-301-160-Prin of Fin Mgmt Lee, Kevin
FINK-303-110-Money And Banking Dyer, Stephen
FINK-400-110-Adv Financial Mgmt Lee, Kevin
FINK-404-110-Investments Lee, Kevin
FINK-486-110-Problems Lee, Kevin
FINK-501-110-Int'l Fin and Bus Str Lee, Kevin
FINK-506-110-Fin Markets and Institutions Dyer, Stephen
FINK-507-110-Financial Management Kelly, Mary
FINK-507-120-Financial Management Kelly, Mary
GBK-301-110-Business Communications La Lone, John
GBK-301-115-Business Communications Bowen, Ruby
GBK-301-120-Business Communications La Lone, John
GBK-301-125-Business Communications Robin, Jessica
GBK-301-130-Business Communications Robin, Jessica
GBK-301-140-Business Communications Luciano, Christine
GBK-301-160-Business Communications Jones, Clifton
GBK-301-170-Business Communications MacDonald, Michelle
GBK-301-180-Business Communications Clemons, Chastity
GBK-301-190-Business Communications Klein, Dolores
GBK-301-331-Business Communications MacDonald, Michelle
GBK-311-110-Business Statistics Simmons, Gerald
GBK-311-120-Business Statistics Simmons, Gerald
GBK-311-130-Business Statistics Gonela, Vinay
GBK-311-140-Business Statistics Almond, Brad
GBK-311-150-Business Statistics Patrick, Angela
GBK-332-110-Legal Environment of Bus Loafman, Lucas
GBK-332-120-Legal Environment of Bus Tevis-Noelting, Deborah
GBK-332-130-Legal Environment of Bus Tevis-Noelting, Deborah
GBK-332-140-Legal Environment of Bus Tarhan, Sait
GBK-344-110-Global Business Environment La Lone, John
GBK-344-120-Global Business Environment Liou, Ru-Shiun
GBK-344-130-Global Business Environment Liou, Ru-Shiun
GBK-344-140-Global Business Environment Geigle, David
GBK-344-150-Global Business Environment Geigle, David
GBK-344-160-Global Business Environment Tevis-Noelting, Deborah
GBK-401-110-Business Ethics Robin, Jessica
GBK-401-120-Business Ethics Robin, Jessica
GBK-401-130-Business Ethics Robin, Jessica
GBK-401-140-Business Ethics Robin, Jessica
GBK-401-311-Business Ethics Coleman, Joseph
GBK-420-110-Fundamentals of Real Estate Shampton, John
GBK-434-125-Employment Law Tevis-Noelting, Deborah
GBK-459-110-Business Strategy La Lone, John
GBK-459-120-Business Strategy Brown, Lee
GBK-459-130-Business Strategy Brown, Lee
GBK-459-331-Business Strategy Aguilar, Sonia
GBK-486-110-Business Problems Loafman, Lucas
GBK-510-110-Research Methods Wei, Shuqin
GBK-510-120-Research Methods Wei, Shuqin
GBK-588-110-Seminar in Business Strategy Vitucci, Samuel
GBK-588-120-Seminar in Business Strategy Vitucci, Samuel
HAMK-511-110-Health Admin. & Strategy Porter, Russell
HAMK-512-110-Health Eco, Fin and Accounting Ritter, David
HLSC-507-110-Homeland Security Bracewell, Tammy
HLSC-520-110-Religious Terrorism Berry, Floyd
HLTK-351-110-Prin of Hlth & Fit for Childre Lewing, James
HLTK-351-120-Prin of Hlth & Fit for Childre Lee, Pamela
HRMK-502-110-Human Resource Management Lyon, Barbara
HRMK-503-110-Managing HR Development McPherson, Rebecca
HRMK-516-110-Compensation Management Lyon, Barbara
HRMK-595-110-Professional Issues in HR Lyon, Barbara
HSTK-300-110-Historian's Craft Tucker, Gene
HSTK-313-110-Civil War and Reconstruction Robertson, Brian
HSTK-316-110-Military History of US Robertson, Brian
HSTK-332-110-The Renaissance & Reformation McDaniel, Cadra
HSTK-361-115-History and Film Nichter, Luke
HSTK-490-110-Historical Method Dillman, Jefferson
HSTK-495-110-Concepts of Hist Education Marshall, Robert
HSTK-500-115-Elements of Historical Inquiry Nichter, Luke
HSTK-532-110-Sel Topics In Amer Hist Robertson, Brian
HSTK-542-110-Selected Topics in Europe Hist McDaniel, Cadra
HSTK-586-125-History Problems Robertson, Brian
HSTK-588-115-Thesis Nichter, Luke
HSTK-588-120-Thesis McDaniel, Cadra
HSTK-588-125-Thesis Nichter, Luke
LSK-300-110-Intro to Liberal Studies Dillman, Jefferson
LSK-300-120-Intro to Liberal Studies Dillman, Jefferson
LSK-498-110-Liberal Studies Capstone Hamilton, Charles
LSK-498-120-Liberal Studies Capstone Hamilton, Charles
LSK-500-110-Interdisciplinarity McDaniel, Cadra
MFTK-501-115-Introduction of MFT Theory White, Jeffrey
MFTK-502-125-Adv Marriage&Fam Ther Theory White, Jeffrey
MFTK-507-115-Ethics in MFT Harris-Mckoy, Deanna
MFTK-520-125-Pre-Practicum Harris-Mckoy, Deanna
MFTK-530-110-Clinical Practicum I Medina, Maria
MFTK-550-135-MFT Research Methods Harris-Mckoy, Deanna
MFTK-553-110-Medical Family Therapy White, Jeffrey
MFTK-555-110-Treating Military Families Barnett, James
MFTK-559-110-Clinical Practicum III Barnett, James
MFTK-560-110-Clinical Practicum IV Medina, Maria
MGTK 450-140 Management Info Systems Phillips, Brandon
MGTK-301-110-Principles of Management Barker, Thomas
MGTK-301-120-Principles of Management Patrick, Angela
MGTK-301-125-Principles of Management Luciano, Christine
MGTK-301-130-Principles of Management Patrick, Angela
MGTK-301-140-Principles of Management Aguilar, Sonia
MGTK-301-150-Principles of Management Ledger, Les
MGTK-301-311-Principles of Management Aguilar, Sonia
MGTK-301-331-Principles of Management Hanik, Mary
MGTK-302-110-Personnel/HRM Aguilar, Sonia
MGTK-302-120-Personnel/HRM Eads, Amanda
MGTK-302-130-Personnel/HRM Eads, Amanda
MGTK-302-331-Personnel/HRM Bowen, Ruby
MGTK-310-110-Entrepreneurship I Patrick, Angela
MGTK-350-110-Organizational Behavior Hanik, Mary
MGTK-350-120-Organizational Behavior Berrios, Julia
MGTK-350-130-Organizational Behavior Berrios, Julia
MGTK-402-301-Productive Relationships Bondi, James
MGTK-404-110-Recruit, Select & Placement McPherson, Rebecca
MGTK-404-120-Recruit, Select & Placement McPherson, Rebecca
MGTK-405-110-Human Resource Development Eads, Amanda
MGTK-406-110-Employer / Labor Relations Middaugh, Lindsay
MGTK-406-115-Employer / Labor Relations Middaugh, Lindsay
MGTK-410-110-Entrepreneurship II Patrick, Angela
MGTK-421-125-Production & Ops Management Gonela, Vinay
MGTK-425-110-Leadership Altman, Barbara
MGTK-425-120-Leadership Aguilar, Sonia
MGTK-450-110-Management Information Systems Gadson, William
MGTK-450-120-Management Information Systems Villarreal, Marco
MGTK-450-130-Management Information Systems Gray, Emmet
MGTK-450-140-Management Information Systems Gray, Emmet
MGTK-450-150-Management Information Systems Hill, Steven
MGTK-501-110-Organizational Behavior Fry, Louis
MGTK-501-120-Organizational Behavior Fry, Louis
MGTK-507-110-Resp and Ethics of Leadership Altman, Barbara
MGTK-508-110-Analysis & Design of Orgs. Fry, Louis
MGTK-511-110-Managing Operations & Service Gonela, Vinay
MGTK-515-110-International Management Liou, Ru-Shiun
MGTK-568-110-Org Development and Change Almond, Brad
MGTK-585-110-Management Seminar Simmons, Gerald
MGTK-595-110-Internship Vitucci, Samuel
MHCK-500-110-Behavioral Statistics Yeager, Richard
MHCK-500-120-Behavioral Statistics Schwegler, Andria
MHCK-501-110-Research Methods Fiala, Samuel
MHCK-504-110-Human Development Saatci, Yesim
MHCK-505-110-Practicum I: Field Experience Berry, Jeremy
MHCK-505-115-Practicum I: Field Experience Fiala, Samuel
MHCK-511-110-Culture, Minority, Gender Iss Moseley, Sarah
MHCK-513-110-Crisis Intervent & Manage Indv Saatci, Yesim
MHCK-550-110-Foundations of Counseling Berry, Jeremy
MHCK-551-110-Career Counseling and Guidance Moseley, Sarah
MHCK-553-110-Per & Counseling Theory & Appl Saatci, Yesim
MHCK-554-110-Group Procedure for Counselors Berry, Jeremy
MHCK-556-115-Introduction to Family Counsel Vivona, Genna
MHCK-557-120-Methods & Practices in Counsel Shuler, Michelle
MHCK-558-110-Counsel Persp on Psycho Lapierre, Coady
MHCK-581-110-Assess & Eval fundamentals Lim, Mee-Gaik
MHCK-583-110-Consultation and Supervison LaBauve, Bill
MHCK-591-110-Ethical Foundation of Counsel Moseley, Sarah
MHCK-594-110-Substance Abuse Shuler, Michelle
MHCK-595-110-Internship in Counseling Eary, Ray
MHCK-595-115-Internship in Counseling LaBauve, Bill
MKTK-301-110-Marketing Tyson, FNU
MKTK-301-120-Marketing Salazar, Dalila
MKTK-301-125-Marketing Carey, Lana
MKTK-301-130-Marketing Carey, Lana
MKTK-301-140-Marketing Carey, Lana
MKTK-301-311-Marketing Montoya, Melinda
MKTK-315-110-Personal Selling Carey, Lana
MKTK-316-110-Consumer Behavior Salazar, Dalila
MKTK-402-110-Services Marketing Carey, Lana
MKTK-485-110-Marketing Seminar Tyson, FNU
MKTK-508-120-Marketing Management Tyson, FNU
MKTK-585-110-Marketing Seminar Salazar, Dalila
MKTK-585-120-Marketing Seminar Wei, Shuqin
MSK-301-110-Training Mgt & Warfight Funct. Sargent, Michael
MSK-301-510-Training Mgt & Warfight Funct. Sargent, Michael
MSK-401-110-The Army Officer Sargent, Michael
MSK-401-510-The Army Officer Terry, Clayton
MTHK-301-110-Number Theory Thron, Christopher
MTHK-303-110-Concepts of Elem Math I Hamilton, Christina
MTHK-306-115-Differential Equations Diestel, Geoff
MTHK-309-115-Algebraic Function Roberts, Mienie
MTHK-315-115-Mathematics and Technology Roberts, Mienie
MTHK-350-125-Principles of Bio-Statistics Diestel, Geoff
MTHK-360-110-Numerical Analysis I Thron, Christopher
MTHK-404-115-Survey of Mathematical Ideas Roberts, Mienie
MTHK-405-110-Concepts of Elem Math III Hamilton, Christina
MTHK-409-125-Advanced Analysis I Diestel, Geoff
MTHK-490-125-Math Topics: Number Theory Thron, Christopher
MTHK-509-115-Complex Variables Diestel, Geoff
MTHK-509-125-Complex Variables Diestel, Geoff
MTHK-550-110-Applied Linear Algebra Thron, Christopher
MTHK-578-110-Technology-Aided Mathematics Roberts, Mienie
MTHK-586-110-Adv Special Problems Thron, Christopher
MTHK-588-110-Thesis Thron, Christopher
MTHK-588-120-Thesis Roberts, Mienie
MTHK-588-130-Thesis Roberts, Mienie
MTHK-588-140-Thesis Thron, Christopher
MTHK-588-150-Thesis Thron, Christopher
MUSI-329-110-Int and Adv Band Rep Colwell, Brent
MUSI-335-110-VCIM Johnson, Teri
MUSI-337-110-Percussion Bergeron, Norman
MUSI-343-110-CAE Music Bergeron, Norman
MUSI-361-110-Diction for Singers Johnson, Teri
MUSI-363-110-Form and Analysis Irom, Benjamin
MUSK-486-110-Problems Leger, Francis
MUSK-486-125-Problems Leger, Francis
MUSK-486-135-Problems Leger, Francis
MUSK-486-145-Prob: Cello Leger, Francis
MUSK-486-155-Prob: Advanced Conducting Leger, Francis
NURK-300-110-Professional Transition Prosise, Carolyn
NURK-304-110-Nursing Research Ogburn-Russell, Linda
NURK-307-110-Health Assessment Prosise, Carolyn
NURK-317-110-Pathophysiology for the RN Gray-Vickrey, Margaret
NURK-330-110-Care of Older Adults Jackson, Nina
NURK-405-110-Indvidual and Familiy Care Pena, Catherine
NURK-406-110-Community Health Prosise, Carolyn
NURK-410-110-RN Leadership & Management Pena, Catherine
NURK-412-110-Professional Issues for the RN Pena, Catherine
PLSK-302-115-Elect & Political Parties Dixon, Jeffrey
PLSK-402-125-Constitutional Law II Karppi, Daniel
PLSK-405-110-Comp Govt & Politics Neuman, Elizabeth
PLSK-415-110-Foreign Policy Williams, Whisper
PLSK-440-110-Political Ethics Dixon, Jeffrey
PLSK-486-110-Problems Dixon, Jeffrey
PLSK-552-110-General Wars in World History Dixon, Jeffrey
PLSK-585-110-Govt Seminar Dixon, Jeffrey
PLSK-586-110-Problems Dixon, Jeffrey
PSYK-301-110-Psychology of Learning Carlson, Elyse
PSYK-301-120-Psychology of Learning Nowell, Brian
PSYK-303-110-Educational Psychology Clark, Daniel
PSYK-303-125-Educational Psychology Smith, Stephanie
PSYK-305-115-Human Cognitive Processes Clark, Daniel
PSYK-307-331-Human Lifespan McCallum, Alton
PSYK-309-110-Writing in Psychology Clark, Daniel
PSYK-309-120-Writing in Psychology Murphy, Walter
PSYK-310-125-Abnormal Psychology Bunke, Janine
PSYK-310-301-Abnormal Psychology Quaranta-Leech, Amber
PSYK-311-115-Behav Analysis & Behav Mgmt Phillips, Miranda
PSYK-315-115-Human Sexuality Tiefenwerth, Jana
PSYK-330-110-Stats for the Behavioral Sci Clark, Daniel
PSYK-330-120-Stats for the Behavioral Sci Schwegler, Andria
PSYK-332-110-Psychopharmacology Stephenson, Billy
PSYK-335-110-Prin Resrch for Behav Sci Yeager, Richard
PSYK-335-120-Prin Resrch for Behav Sci Brown, Elizabeth
PSYK-350-125-Personality Beauregard, Robin
PSYK-360-331-Sport Psychology Berry, Kimberly
PSYK-405-301-Social Psychology Bunke, Janine
PSYK-420-125-History Of Psychology Brown, Elizabeth
PSYK-490-110-Special Topics Tiefenwerth, Thomas
PSYK-490-120-Special Topics Yeager, Richard
PSYK-500-110-Behavioral Statistics Yeager, Richard
PSYK-500-120-Behavioral Statistics Schwegler, Andria
PSYK-501-110-Research Methods Fiala, Samuel
PSYK-504-110-Human Development Saatci, Yesim
PSYK-511-110-Culture, Minority, Gender Iss Moseley, Sarah
PSYK-513-110-Crisis Inter/Mgmt Indiv & Fam Saatci, Yesim
PSYK-514-110-Assess Intell And Achievement McBurnett, Lisa
PSYK-515-115-Physiological Psychology Murphy, Walter
PSYK-521-125-Evolutionary Psychology Yeager, Richard
PSYK-560-110-Found of School Psychology Lapierre, Coady
PSYK-581-110-Assessment and Evaluation Fund Lim, Mee-Gaik
PSYK-583-110-Consultation & Supervision LaBauve, Bill
PSYK-584-110-Practicum II: Field Exp Vivona, Genna
PSYK-588-110-Thesis Fiala, Samuel
PSYK-588-120-Thesis Schwegler, Andria
PSYK-588-130-Thesis Vivona, Genna
PSYK-588-140-Thesis Yeager, Richard
PSYK-588-150-Thesis Yeager, Richard
PSYK-588-160-Thesis Lapierre, Coady
PSYK-588-170-Thesis Fiala, Samuel
PSYK-588-180-Thesis Saatci, Yesim
PSYK-588-200-Thesis Clark, Daniel
PSYK-595-110-Internship I Fiala, Samuel
RDGK-311-110-Rdg I-Rdg Acquisition Developm Davis, Deborah
RDGK-311-120-Rdg I-Rdg Acquisition Developm Moore, Denetra
RDGK-351-110-Content Area Reading Moore, Denetra
RDGK-351-120-Content Area Reading Lake, Ruth
RDGK-351-130-Content Area Reading Davis, Deborah
RDGK-384-110-Rdg II-Assess Instr Dev Reader Tang, Agnes
RDGK-384-120-Rdg II-Assess Instr Dev Reader Tang, Agnes
RDGK-409-110-Reading Across Curr Tang, Agnes
RDGK-410-110-Impl Classroom Reading Inst Tang, Agnes
RDGK-574-110-Reading Res and Materials Hooten, Dorleen
RDGK-580-110-Practicum in Reading Davis, Deborah
RSK-420-110-Religious Terrorism Berry, Floyd
RSK-520-110-Religious Terrorism Berry, Floyd
SOCK-301-110-Soc of the Family Britt, Sanfrena
SOCK-301-130-Soc of the Family Cooksey, Ariel
SOCK-303-110-Race and Ethnic Relations Jones, Christine
SOCK-303-120-Race and Ethnic Relations Schoen, Roslyn
SOCK-303-130-Race and Ethnic Relations Britt, Sanfrena
SOCK-303-140-Race and Ethnic Relations Schoen, Roslyn
SOCK-308-110-Deviant Behavior Cooksey, Ariel
SOCK-310-110-Sociology of Aging Schoen, Roslyn
SOCK-312-110-Environmental Sociology Schoen, Roslyn
SOCK-403-110-Sociological Theory Dietert, Michelle
SOCK-409-110-Military Family Dietert, Michelle
SOCK-410-115-Sociology of the Body Dietert, Michelle
SOCK-485-110-Sociology Seminar Schulhoff, Anastacia
SOSK-300-110-Social Science Proseminar Greenwood, Lynn
SWKK-300-110-Methods Skills of Social Work Moore, Sheena
SWKK-303-110-Soc Work w/Diverse Population Rappaport, Claudia
SWKK-306-110-Social Welfare Policy Molina-Moore, Tammy
SWKK-306-120-Social Welfare Policy Molina-Moore, Tammy
SWKK-307-110-Social Welfare in America Molina, Veronica
SWKK-308-110-Intro to Social Work Molina, Veronica
SWKK-312-110-SWK Research Statistics Greytak, Emily
SWKK-314-110-Writing for Social Work Rsch Daley, Michael
SWKK-316-110-Practice I Rappaport, Claudia
SWKK-329-110-Human Behav & Soc Environ I Rappaport, Claudia
SWKK-339-110-Human Behav & Soc Environ II Rappaport, Claudia
SWKK-412-110-Practice II Daley, Michael
SWKK-415-110-Social Work and Mental Health Frazier, Kerry-Ann
SWKK-422-110-Field Placement I Molina, Veronica
SWKK-485-110-Social Work Seminar Strickler, Heidi
SWKK-485-120-Social Work Seminar Daley, Michael
SWKK-485-150-Social Work Seminar Skipper, Shanna
SWKK-485-160-Social Work Seminar Molina-Moore, Tammy
SWKK-486-110-Problems in Social Work Molina, Veronica