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2019 Spring Syllabi Archive

Course Instructor
ACCT-3300-110-Accounting Concepts Ronny Phillips
ACCT-3302-110-Cost Accounting Kimberly Hopkins
ACCT-3303-110-Intermediate Accounting I Joseph Calk
ACCT-3303-125-Intermediate Accounting I Joseph Calk
ACCT-3304-110-Intermediate Accounting II Joseph Calk
ACCT-3305-110-Governmental Accounting Dara Marshall
ACCT-3307-110-Writing for Accountants Anthony Fulmore
ACCT-3310-110-Accounting Information Systems Anthony Fulmore
ACCT-4301-110-Intermediate Acct III Anthony Fulmore
ACCT-4303-110-Advanced Accounting Dara Marshall
ACCT-4305-110-Federal Tax Accounting I Richard Gavin
ACCT-4306-110-Federal Tax Accounting II Richard Gavin
ACCT-4324-110-Auditing Robert Tennant
ACCT-4350-110-Management Information Systems Robert Tennant
ACCT-4388-110-PB: Governmental Accounting Dara Marshall
ACCT-4388-120-PB: Governmental Accounting Dara Marshall
ACCT-5303-110-Accounting and Management David Ritter
ACCT-5315-110-Business Law for Accountants David Ritter
ACCT-5340-110-Ethics in Accounting Anthony Fulmore
ACCT-5365-110-Accounting Research Seminar Dara Marshall
ACCT-5370-110-Auditing Seminar Robert Tennant
ANTH-3301-110-Cultural Sensitivity Christine Jones
ANTH-3340-110-Biological Anthropology Christine Jones
ANTH-4310-110-Myth and Ritual Floyd Berry
ANTH-4317-110-Qualitative Methods Roslyn Schoen
ANTH-4320-110-Mesoamerican Civilizations Christine Jones
ANTH-4340-110-Human Osteology Christine Jones
ANTH-5310-110-Anthropology of Religion Floyd Berry
ANTH-5389-110-ST: Qualitative Methods Roslyn Schoen
AVSC-3301-110-Air Carrier Operations James Fullingim
AVSC-3303-110-Air Traffic Control James Fullingim
AVSC-3307-110-Aviation History James Fullingim
AVSC-3333-110-Airports and Envir Impact Charles Prather
AVSC-4308-110-Aviation Safety James Fullingim
BIOL-3315-110-Advanced Physiology Angela Parsons
BIOL-3380-110-Research Methods Linh Pham
BIOL-3430-110-Botany Dalton Cross
BIOL-3440-110-Invertebrate Zoology Laura Weiser Erlandson
BIOL-4301-110-Conservation Biology Laura Weiser Erlandson
BIOL-4389-110-ST: Human Osteology Christine Jones
BIOL-4389-130-ST: Research on CRISPR Techn Linh Pham
BIOL-4389-140-ST: Anal. Home Distill Alcohol Linh Pham
BIOL-4395-110-Biology Capstone Laura Weiser Erlandson
BIOL-4451-120-Bioinformatics Gunisha Sagar
BIOL-4470-110-Cell Biology Dalton Cross
BUSI-3301-110-Business Communications Mary Hanik
BUSI-3301-125-Business Communications Fernando Rodriguez Ramos
BUSI-3301-130-Business Communications Mary Hanik
BUSI-3301-150-Business Communications Amanda Eads
BUSI-3301-160-Business Communications Fernando Rodriguez Ramos
BUSI-3301-170-Business Communications Jessica Robin
BUSI-3311-110-Business Statistics Vinay Gonela
BUSI-3311-120-Business Statistics Julia Fulmore
BUSI-3311-130-Business Statistics Gerald Simmons
BUSI-3311-140-Business Statistics Brad Almond
BUSI-3332-110-Legal Environment of Business Lucas Loafman
BUSI-3332-120-Legal Environment of Business Samuel Webb
BUSI-3332-125-Legal Environment of Business D. Tevis-Noelting
BUSI-3344-110-Global Business Environment Vivien Jancenelle
BUSI-3344-120-Global Business Environment Leyla Orudzheva
BUSI-3344-130-Global Business Environment Leyla Orudzheva
BUSI-3344-140-Global Business Environment David Geigle
BUSI-4301-110-Bus Ethics & Corp Social Jessica Robin
BUSI-4301-120-Bus Ethics & Corp Social Jessica Robin
BUSI-4301-130-Bus Ethics & Corp Social Leyla Orudzheva
BUSI-4301-140-Bus Ethics & Corp Social Jessica Robin
BUSI-4320-110-Fundamentals of Real Estate John Shampton
BUSI-4334-110-Employment Law GraceAnne Wilhelm
BUSI-4359-110-Business Strategy Soo Jung Kim
BUSI-4359-120-Business Strategy Soo Jung Kim
BUSI-4359-130-Business Strategy David Geigle
BUSI-4359-140-Business Strategy Soo Jung Kim
BUSI-5310-110-Business Research Methods Shuqin Wei
BUSI-5310-120-Business Research Methods Gerald Simmons
BUSI-5315-110-International Business Law Samuel Webb
BUSI-5359-110-Business Strategy Seminar Vivien Jancenelle
BUSI-5359-120-Business Strategy Seminar Vivien Jancenelle
CHEM-4415-110-Instrumental Analysis Linh Pham
CHEM-4431-110-Biochemistry II Linh Pham
CIS-3300-110-Computer Technology and Impact William Gadson
CIS-3300-120-Computer Technology and Impact Shehryar Iqbal
CIS-3300-125-Computer Technology and Impact Giovanni Silvestri
CIS-3301-110-Business Analysis with Spdsh Crystal Bausley
CIS-3303-110-Programming Logic and Design Rahul Dwivedi
CIS-3305-110-Operating Systems Timothy Woodcock
CIS-3315-110-Web Site Dev and Design Rahul Dwivedi
CIS-3330-110-C++ Programming Randall Brown
CIS-3343-110-Windows and Web C# Programming Emmet Gray
CIS-3347-110-Data Comm and Infrastructure Abhijit Nag
CIS-3360-110-Ethics in Computing Timothy Woodcock
CIS-3360-120-Ethics in Computing Shehryar Iqbal
CIS-3361-110-Intro to Computer Forensics Dinesh Reddy
CIS-3365-110-System Analysis and Design Dinesh Reddy
CIS-4301-110-Database Theory and Practices Emmet Gray
CIS-4335-110-UNIX Systems Emmet Gray
CIS-4340-110-Algorithm Design and Analysis Timothy Woodcock
CIS-4341-110-Security and Risk Management Crystal Bausley
CIS-4341-120-Security and Risk Management William Gadson
CIS-4350-110-Management Information Systems Dinesh Reddy
CIS-4350-120-Management Information Systems Mabeena Singh
CIS-4350-125-Management Information Systems GanapathiramanRamanRaghu Raman
CIS-4350-130-Management Information Systems William Gadson
CIS-4350-140-Management Information Systems Joshua Wilson
CIS-4352-110-Structured Query Language Timothy Woodcock
CIS-4378-110-Comprehensive Networking Abhijit Nag
CIS-4384-110-PB:Internship-Comp Info System Anitha Chennamaneni
CIS-4388-110-PB: System Analysis & Design Dinesh Reddy
CIS-5302-110-Object Oriented Programming Abhijit Nag
CIS-5311-110-Management Information Systems Ferdi Eruysal
CIS-5311-120-Management Information Systems Rahul Dwivedi
CIS-5316-110-Advanced Database Management Anitha Chennamaneni
CIS-5351-110-Technology Project Management Anitha Chennamaneni
CIS-5354-110-Adv Methods Big Data Analytics Ferdi Eruysal
CIS-5370-110-Found of Information Security Randall Brown
CIS-5388-110-PB:Web Applications Security Anitha Chennamaneni
CIS-5388-120-PB:Obj Orient Design & Analys Abhijit Nag
COMM-5321-110-Essentials of Mass Media Charles Hamilton
COSC-3360-110-Ethics in Computing Timothy Woodcock
COSC-3360-120-Ethics in Computing Shehryar Iqbal
COSC-3380-110-Operating Systems Timothy Woodcock
COSC-4301-110-Database Theory and Practices Emmet Gray
COSC-4340-110-Analysis of Algorithms Timothy Woodcock
COSC-4341-110-Security and Risk Management Crystal Bausley
COSC-4341-120-Security and Risk Management William Gadson
COSC-4378-110-Computer Networks Abhijit Nag
COSC-4388-110-PB:Soft Engr for E-Business Timothy Woodcock
COUN-5300-110-Behavioral Statistics Samuel Fiala
COUN-5300-120-Behavioral Statistics Andria Schwegler
COUN-5301-110-Research Methods Andria Schwegler
COUN-5301-130-Research Methods Walter Murphy
COUN-5304-110-Human Development Coady Lapierre
COUN-5311-110-Social and Cultural Issues Gerald Pennie
COUN-5350-110-Foundations of Counseling Gerald Pennie
COUN-5351-110-Career Counseling and Guidance Samantha Airhart-Larraga
COUN-5353-110-Personality and Counseling Samantha Airhart-Larraga
COUN-5354-110-Group Procedure for Counselors Jeremy Berry
COUN-5356-110-Family Counseling Gerald Pennie
COUN-5357-110-Methods and Practice Levi McClendon
COUN-5358-110-Counseling Perspective Coady Lapierre
COUN-5363-125-Substance Abuse Jeremy Berry
COUN-5365-110-Ethical Counseling Samantha Airhart-Larraga
COUN-5367-110-Play Therapy Levi McClendon
COUN-5381-110-Assessment and Evaluation Mee-Gaik Lim
COUN-5383-110-Consultation and Supervision Carolyn Greer
COUN-5386-110-Mental Health Internship Caroline Norris
COUN-5386-120-Mental Health Internship Carolyn Greer
COUN-5391-110-School-Counseling Practicum I Levi McClendon
COUN-5392-110-School-Counseling Practicum II Levi McClendon
COUN-5393-110-Mental Health Practicum Jeremy Berry
CRIJ-3305-110-Criminology Michele Quinones
CRIJ-3305-120-Criminology Michele Quinones
CRIJ-3310-110-Supervision and Management Cheri Siegelin
CRIJ-3310-130-Supervision and Management Cynthia Miller
CRIJ-3315-110-Criminal Evidence Steven Walden
CRIJ-3320-110-Policing Tammy Bracewell
CRIJ-3330-110-Community Corrections Samantha Tjaden
CRIJ-3340-110-Homeland Security Tammy Bracewell
CRIJ-3345-110-Criminal Justice in Film Lynn Greenwood
CRIJ-3353-110-Biological Forensic Science Tammy Bracewell
CRIJ-4303-110-Race, Crime, and Justice Jennifer Schlosser
CRIJ-4312-110-Criminal Justice Ethics Michele Quinones
CRIJ-4312-120-Criminal Justice Ethics Steven Walden
CRIJ-4315-110-Criminal Justice Statistics I Liana Taylor
CRIJ-4316-110-Research Methods Liana Taylor
CRIJ-4316-120-Research Methods Floyd Berry
CRIJ-4395-110-Senior Seminar Lynn Greenwood
CRIJ-5198-110-Criminal Justice Thesis Liana Taylor
CRIJ-5198-120-Criminal Justice Thesis Lynn Greenwood
CRIJ-5301-110-Advanced Criminology Michele Quinones
CRIJ-5306-110-Program Evaluation Liana Taylor
CRIJ-5307-110-Homeland Security Tammy Bracewell
CRIJ-5311-110-Logistic Regression Liana Taylor
CRIJ-5315-110-Graduate Proseminar Lynn Greenwood
ECON-4310-110-Managerial Economics Kevin Lee
EDLD-5300-110-Educational Leadership Bobbie Eddins
EDLD-5301-110-Educ Leadership Research William Duncan
EDLD-5307-110-Leadership of Human Resources Joseph Vasek
EDLD-5309-110-Legality and School Leadership William Duncan
EDLD-5339-120-Educational Leadership Bobbie Eddins
EDLD-5342-110-Leadership of Campus Resources William Duncan
EDLD-5345-130-Curriculum Systems Leadership Bobbie Eddins
EDLD-5388-110-PB:Educ Leadership Application William Duncan
EDLD-5392-110-Principalship Practicum Marlene Zipperlen
EDLD-5392-120-Principalship Practicum Marlene Zipperlen
EDLD-5393-110-Principal Practicum 2 Marlene Zipperlen
EDUC-3320-110-Professional Development I Carl Juenke
EDUC-3330-110-Professional Development II Carl Juenke
EDUC-3350-110-Classroom Science Instruction Carl Juenke
EDUC-4304-110-Professional Development III Carl Juenke
EDUC-4320-110-SS Instruction for Teachers Stephen Anderson
EDUC-4335-110-Professional Development IV Carl Juenke
EDUC-4340-110-Classroom Tech Integration Karen Jackson
EDUC-4691-110-Clinical Teaching Jamie Blassingame
EDUC-4691-120-Clinical Teaching Susan Florence
EDUC-4691-130-Clinical Teaching Dorleen Hooten
EDUC-5300-110-History of Education Stephen Anderson
EDUC-5302-110-Schools and Community Div Edward Hill
EDUC-5311-110-Methods of Effective Teaching Stephen Anderson
EDUC-5338-110-Curriculum Design Stephen Anderson
EDUC-5370-110-Techniques of Research Joseph Vasek
EDUC-5385-110-Teaching Internship II Stephen Anderson
ENGL-3306-110-Readings in Adolescent Lit Phyllis Wheeler
ENGL-3309-110-Tech Writing & Document Design Sherry Noonan
ENGL-3309-120-Tech Writing & Document Design Sherry Noonan
ENGL-3309-130-Tech Writing & Document Design Bruce Bowles
ENGL-3330-110-Advanced Composition Ryan Bayless
ENGL-3335-115-Film Studies Allen Redmon
ENGL-3376-110-Discourse Analysis Amber Dunai
ENGL-4300-110-Shakespeare Amber Dunai
ENGL-4313-110-Visual Rhetoric Jeffrey Kirchoff
ENGL-4317-110-ST: Nature Writing Ryan Bayless
ENGL-4336-125-Film History Allen Redmon
ENGL-4360-110-Adv Studies in Secondary Engl Phyllis Wheeler
ENGL-4388-110-ST:Write about Popular Culture Bruce Bowles
ENGL-5310-110-Studies in American Literature Allen Redmon
ENGL-5320-110-ST:Discourse Analysis Amber Dunai
ENGL-5374-110-Methods of Bib & Res Analysis Jeffrey Kirchoff
ENGL-5386-110-Computer Mediated Composition Jeffrey Kirchoff
EPHP-3301-115-Ex Phys I Julie Kresta
EPHP-3302-125-Ex Phys II Julie Kresta
EPHP-3303-115-Kinesiology Julie Kresta
EPHP-3306-125-Testing and Prescript Julie Kresta
EPHP-4101-125-Adv Res Train James Lewing
EPHP-4301-115-Leadership Ex and Sport James Lewing
F A-3350-110-World Music Norman Bergeron
F A-4312-115-The Blues Ryan Bayless
F A-4321-125-The Artist on Film Ryan Bayless
FIN-3300-110-Intro Financial Planning Charles Hanby
FIN-3301-110-Financial Management I David Joyner
FIN-3301-120-Financial Management I David Joyner
FIN-3301-130-Financial Management I Mary Kelly
FIN-3301-140-Financial Management I Mary Kelly
FIN-4303-110-Case Studies in Finance Charles Hanby
FIN-4304-110-Investments Charles Hanby
FIN-4308-110-Risk Management David Joyner
FIN-4310-110-Managerial Economics Kevin Lee
FIN-5307-110-Financial Management Mary Kelly
HEAD-5314-110-Health Informatics and Trends Roe Ann Roberts
HEAD-5315-125-Health Ethics and Residency Russell Porter
HIED-5303-110-Higher Ed Law Russell Porter
HIED-5306-125-Critical Issues Higher Ed James Lewing
HIED-5385-110-Higher Ed Intern II James Lewing
HIST-3311-110-Creating a Nation Timothy Hemmis
HIST-3316-110-United States Military History Timothy Hemmis
HIST-4307-110-History Careers: Archivist Victoria Eastes
HIST-4337-110-Europe from 1919 - 1945 Jerry Jones
HIST-4389-120-ST:Amer Civil Rights Movements Jefferson Dillman
HIST-4395-110-Senior Research Seminar Cadra McDaniel
HIST-5198-110-History Thesis Cadra McDaniel
HIST-5322-110-ST: Revolutionary America Timothy Hemmis
HIST-5340-110-ST:Colonialism & Imperialism Cadra McDaniel
HIST-5340-135-ST:Read in Europ Hist-Art Hist Cadra McDaniel
HIST-5360-110-ST: China since 1949 Luke Nichter
HIST-5380-115-Historiography and Method Luke Nichter
HIST-5388-110-PB:Read-Battle West-1940-1945 Jerry Jones
HIST-5391-110-History Practicum Timothy Hemmis
HLS-5307-110-Homeland Security Tammy Bracewell
HRM-5314-110-Workforce Planning, Employment Rebecca McPherson
LIBS-3300-110-Intro to Liberal Studies Betty Latham
LIBS-3300-130-Intro to Liberal Studies Jefferson Dillman
LIBS-4395-110-Liberal Studies Capstone Charles Hamilton
LIBS-5300-110-Interdisciplinarity Cadra McDaniel
LIBS-5398-110-Interdisciplinary Capstone Cadra McDaniel
MATH-3310-110-Discrete Mathematics Jordan Barry
MATH-3311-110-Probability & Statistics I Mienie Roberts
MATH-3332-110-Linear Algebra Christopher Thron
MATH-3370-110-An Introduction to Linear Prog Christopher Thron
MATH-4332-110-Abstract Algebra Justin Hill
MATH-5308-110-Abstract Algebra Christopher Thron
MATH-5378-110-Technology-Aided Mathematics Mienie Roberts
MATH-5380-110-ST: Topics in Mathematics Mienie Roberts
MFT-5307-110-Marriage and Family Ethics Hao-Min Chen
MFT-5313-110-The Person of the Therapist-ID DeAnna Harris-McKoy
MFT-5353-120-Medical Family Therapy Hao-Min Chen
MFT-5355-120-Treating Military Families DeAnna Harris-McKoy
MFT-5391-110-Clinical Practicum I Hao-Min Chen
MFT-5392-110-Clinical Practicum II James Barnett
MFT-5394-110-Clinical Practicum IV DeAnna Harris-McKoy
MGMT-3301-110-Principles of Management Charles Garner
MGMT-3301-115-Principles of Management Angela Patrick
MGMT-3301-120-Principles of Management Angela Patrick
MGMT-3301-125-Principles of Management Christine Luciano
MGMT-3301-130-Principles of Management Charles Garner
MGMT-3302-110-Personnel and Human Resources Charles Garner
MGMT-3302-120-Personnel and Human Resources Rebecca McPherson
MGMT-3302-130-Personnel and Human Resources Amanda Eads
MGMT-3302-331-Personnel and Human Resources Kimberly Hartman
MGMT-3350-110-Organizational Behavior Robert Zinko
MGMT-3350-120-Organizational Behavior Robert Zinko
MGMT-3350-125-Organizational Behavior Angela Patrick
MGMT-4302-301-Productive Relationships James Bondi
MGMT-4303-110-Wage and Salary Administration Yeongjoon Yoon
MGMT-4303-120-Wage and Salary Administration Yeongjoon Yoon
MGMT-4304-110-Recruitment and Selection Rebecca McPherson
MGMT-4305-110-Human Resource Development Amanda Eads
MGMT-4306-110-Employer and Labor Relations Charles Garner
MGMT-4310-110-Entrepreneurship II Anne Sluhan
MGMT-4310-120-Entrepreneurship II Anne Sluhan
MGMT-4321-110-Production and Operations Vinay Gonela
MGMT-4325-110-Leadership Angela Patrick
MGMT-4325-120-Leadership Robert Zinko
MGMT-4360-115-Emergency Management Richard Griffis
MGMT-4384-110-PB:Plans Specialist Internship James Bondi
MGMT-5301-110-Organizational Behavior Louis Fry
MGMT-5301-120-Organizational Behavior Yeongjoon Yoon
MGMT-5302-110-Sustainable Business: One Plnt Anne Sluhan
MGMT-5307-110-Ethics of Leadership Barbara Altman
MGMT-5309-110-Global Lead For Sustain Louis Fry
MGMT-5310-110-Leadership Development Louis Fry
MGMT-5311-110-Sust Operations & Service Vinay Gonela
MGMT-5320-110-Negotiations Brad Almond
MGMT-5350-110-Project Management Gerald Simmons
MILS-3302-110-Leadership in Small Unit Ops Bryan Evans
MILS-3302-510-Leadership in Small Unit Ops Bryan Evans
MILS-4302-110-Company Grade Leadership David Daniel
MILS-4302-510-Company Grade Leadership David Daniel
MKTG-3301-110-Marketing Robert Zinko
MKTG-3301-120-Marketing FNU Tyson
MKTG-3301-125-Marketing Dalila Salazar
MKTG-3318-110-Promotional Strategy Dalila Salazar
MKTG-3320-110-Marketing Research Shuqin Wei
MKTG-4316-110-Marketing Management FNU Tyson
MKTG-4388-110-PB: Professional Sales Shuqin Wei
MKTG-5308-120-Marketing Management FNU Tyson
MKTG-5310-110-Integrated Communications Dalila Salazar
MKTG-5388-110-PB: Research in Marketing Shuqin Wei
MUAP-3269-140-Priv.Instruction V:String Bass Tarik Hassan
MUAP-3269-141-Priv Instruct V:Euph/Tuba Clay Garrett
MUAP-3269-201-Priv Instruct V: Voice Teri Johnson
MUAP-3270-130-Priv Instruct VI: Cello Prudence McDaniel
MUAP-3270-141-Priv Instr VI: Euph/Tuba Clay Garrett
MUAP-3270-171-Priv Instruction VI:Piano Leon Couch
MUAP-3270-181-Priv Instruction VI:Piano Benjamin Irom
MUAP-3270-201-Priv Instruct VI: Voice Teri Johnson
MUEN-3121-110-Symphonic Band Brent Colwell
MUEN-3123-110-Orchestra John Batson
MUEN-3142-110-Chorale Sara Baker
MUSI-3134-110-Brass Class Brent Colwell
MUSI-3135-110-Vocal Class (Instrumen Majors) Sara Baker
MUSI-3161-110-Diction for Singers Teri Johnson
MUSI-4098-110-Senior Recital Sara Baker
NURS-3300-110-Professional Role Transitions Mary Sanders
NURS-3300-120-Professional Role Transitions Mary Sanders
NURS-3304-110-Nursing Research Linda Ogburn-Russell
NURS-3304-120-Nursing Research Mary Sanders
NURS-3307-110-Health Assessment Catherine Pena
NURS-3317-110-Pathophysiology Margaret Gray-Vickrey
NURS-3330-110-Care of Older Adults Nina Jackson
NURS-4212-110-Professional Issues Catherine Pena
NURS-4405-110-Individual and Family Catherine Pena
NURS-4410-110-Leadership and Management Catherine Pena
NURS-4506-110-Community Health Kathryn Long
POLI-3304-110-The Executive Branch John Koehler
POLI-3307-110-Public Administration John Koehler
POLI-3350-110-Politics & Propaganda in Film Jeffrey Dixon
POLI-4320-110-Weapons of Mass Destruction Jeffrey Dixon
POLI-4341-110-Freedom and Authority Jeffrey Dixon
POLI-4350-110-ST:Issues in American Politics John Koehler
POLI-4395-110-Political Science Capstone Jeffrey Dixon
POLI-5301-110-Political Decision-Making Jeffrey Dixon
POLI-5365-110-ST:Weapons of Mass Destruction Jeffrey Dixon
PSYC-3301-115-Psychology of Learning Elyse Carlson
PSYC-3303-115-Educational Psychology Daniel Clark
PSYC-3303-125-Educational Psychology Sanfrena Britt
PSYC-3307-115-Human Lifespan Sandra Blackwell
PSYC-3309-110-Writing in Psychology Daniel Clark
PSYC-3309-120-Writing in Psychology Brian Nowell
PSYC-3310-110-Abnormal Psychology Janine Bunke
PSYC-3311-115-Behavior Management Elizabeth Brown
PSYC-3312-110-Behavior Biological Foundation Simone Alvarez
PSYC-3315-125-Human Sexuality Robert Clark
PSYC-3330-110-Behavioral Science Statistics Daniel Clark
PSYC-3350-115-Personality Brian Nowell
PSYC-3360-125-Sport Psychology Kimberly Berry
PSYC-4302-125-Adaptive Psychology Elizabeth Brown
PSYC-4305-110-Social Psychology Janine Bunke
PSYC-4315-125-Prgm Evaluation Fundamentals Jeffrey Kirk
PSYC-4320-110-History of Psychology Brian Nowell
PSYC-4325-110-Motivation Daniel Clark
PSYC-4384-110-UG Internship Elizabeth Brown
PSYC-4389-110-ST:Psychology of Stock Market Brian Nowell
PSYC-4389-115-ST: Race & Ethnic Relations Sanfrena Britt
PSYC-4435-110-Behavioral Science Research Brian Nowell
PSYC-4435-120-Behavioral Science Research Andria Schwegler
PSYC-5198-140-Psychology Thesis Samuel Fiala
PSYC-5198-160-Psychology Thesis Coady Lapierre
PSYC-5300-110-Behavioral Statistics Samuel Fiala
PSYC-5300-120-Behavioral Statistics Andria Schwegler
PSYC-5301-110-Research Methods Andria Schwegler
PSYC-5301-120-Research Methods Walter Murphy
PSYC-5303-110-Theories of Learning Mee-Gaik Lim
PSYC-5304-110-Human Development Coady Lapierre
PSYC-5311-110-Social and Cultural Issues Gerald Pennie
PSYC-5380-110-Personality Social Assessment Matthew Williams
PSYC-5381-110-Assessment & Evaluation Mee-Gaik Lim
PSYC-5383-110-Consultation and Supervision Carolyn Greer
PSYC-5384-110-Psychology Internship I Coady Lapierre
PSYC-5385-110-Psychology Internship II Coady Lapierre
PSYC-5391-110-Psychology Practicum I Coady Lapierre
READ-3320-120-Fund of Teaching Reading Denetra Moore
READ-3335-110-Content Area Reading Ruth Lake
READ-4304-110-Reading Across the Curriculum Amanda Allen
READ-4305-110-Classroom Reading Instruction Ruth Lake
READ-5375-110-Read Research and Assessment Dorleen Hooten
RELS-3304-110-World Religions Ross Ponder
RELS-3355-110-Religion and Politics Daniel Karppi
RELS-4300-110-Prophets of Ancient Israel Floyd Berry
RELS-4310-110-Myth and Ritual Floyd Berry
RELS-5389-110-ST:Religion and Politics Daniel Karppi
RELS-5389-120-ST:Prophets of Ancient Israel Floyd Berry
SOCI-3301-110-Sociology of the Family Ariel Cooksey
SOCI-3303-110-Race and Ethnic Relations Omar Abdullah
SOCI-3303-120-Race and Ethnic Relations Omar Abdullah
SOCI-3305-110-Criminology Michele Quinones
SOCI-3305-120-Criminology Michele Quinones
SOCI-3312-110-Environmental Sociology Roslyn Schoen
SOCI-4301-110-Military Family Michelle Dietert
SOCI-4303-110-Social Inequalities Roslyn Schoen
SOCI-4305-110-Sociological Theory Michelle Dietert
SOCI-4312-125-Gender In Society Michelle Dietert
SOCI-4316-110-Sociological Research Methods Michelle Dietert
SOCI-4317-110-Qualitative Methods Roslyn Schoen
SOCI-4388-110-Prob: Sociology of Animals Roslyn Schoen
SOCI-4389-110-ST: Cultural Sensitivity Christine Jones
SOCI-5389-110-ST:Qualitative Methods Roslyn Schoen
SOSC-3300-110-Social Science Proseminar Lynn Greenwood
SOWK-3300-110-Introduction to Social Work Veronica Molina
SOWK-3301-110-SOWK Methods & Skills Sheena Moore
SOWK-3302-110-Social Welfare in America Ky Hoelscher
SOWK-3304-110-HBSE I Claudia Rappaport
SOWK-3305-110-Biol Found of SOWK Claudia Rappaport
SOWK-3310-110-HBSE II Claudia Rappaport
SOWK-3311-110-Social Work Practice I Claudia Rappaport
SOWK-4300-110-Social Welfare Policy Tammy Molina-Moore
SOWK-4301-110-Social Work & Mental Health Veronica Molina
SOWK-4311-110-Child Welfare Veronica Molina
SOWK-4320-110-SOWK Research & Stats Michael Daley
SOWK-4321-110-Writing for SOWK Research Michael Daley
SOWK-4321-120-Writing for SOWK Research Michael Daley
SOWK-4324-110-Social Work Practice II Kami Diaz
SOWK-4334-120-SOWK Seminar: Military SWK Jeffrey Yarvis
SOWK-4334-130-ST: Substance Abuse Tammy Day
SOWK-4388-125-PB: Child Welfare Issues Claudia Rappaport
SOWK-4684-110-Social Work Field Placement I Tammy Molina-Moore
SOWK-4684-120-Social Work Field Placement I Veronica Molina
SOWK-4685-110-Social Work Field Placement II Tammy Molina-Moore
SPED-3361-120-Survey Exceptional Learners Amanda Allen
SPED-5305-110-Exceptional Learners Michael Novotny