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  • Department: Humanities
  • Assistant Professor
  • Room: HH-204j

Jeff Kirchoff is an Assistant Professor of English, where he specializes in rhetoric, new media, and graphic narrative. He earned his PhD in Rhetoric and Writing from Bowling Green State University. Kirchoff’s scholarship has been published in top journals such as Journal of College Literacy and Learning, Technoculture, Studies in Comics, and International Journal of Comic Art, among others; additionally, he regularly presents at conferences such as NCTE, Computers and Writing, and CCCCs. Kirchoff’s current research focuses on digital comics, paying particular attention to how the shift from print to digital is changing reader-text interaction from a myriad of perspectives—ranging from the structural to the affective. As an instructor, Dr. Kirchoff values the experiences and knowledge of each individual taking his courses, while recognizing that all students learn differently. His classes integrate a mix of small-group workshops, large-group conversation, and individual free-writing. Students taking a class can with Dr. Kirchoff can expect to respond to course readings, be engaged in analytical conversation, and share their work and ideas with peers.