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Dr. Sanfrena Britt

  • Department: Vice President Academic & Student Affairs
  • Executive Assistant III
  • Room: FH-429e

Psychological research is a fundamental component to understanding human behavior and assisting those who suffer dysfunction in mental and emotional processing. Multi-Variate analysis assists with understanding underlying issues that contribute to not only dysfunction, but also to maladjustment to societal norms and underachievement in areas fundamental to economic success, such as education and vocation. Each individual who seeks to address the various differences in how the world is perceived should have the assurance that a label of dysfunction does not identify the totality of successful outcomes and possibilities. Research assists in preparing society to adjust and to explore various initiatives and approaches tailored to individuals who need assistance; and should not merely follow a path identified by the systematic diagnosis as the map for successful assimilation.

Therefore, thorough exploration of cognitive processing, detailed psychological assessment, family and community history, and innumerable research connections to similar societal situations offer the elemental foundation for understanding how we learn and what hinders the successful transition of knowledge to wisdom. A bridge must be built that connects experience with understanding and understanding with application.

I seek to find these connections and offer assistance for those who have not yet found their voice and continue to seek their purpose.


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