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Association: Student Government

Student Government Senators

College of Arts & Sciences

English: Charesia Decker – charesia.decker@gmail.com
History & Political Science: Vacant
Mathematics: Vacant
Social Work: Vacant
Sociology & Criminal Justice: Vacant
Graduate Studies: Vacant

College of Business Administration

Accounting, Finance, & Economics: Samantha Hurst – sh038@my.tamuct.edu
Aviation Science: Robert Randle –bobrandle@yahoo.com
Computer Information Systems: Truly Williams– tw013@my.tamuct.edu
Management & Marketing: Crystal Ferreira - crystalmessina@gmail.com
Graduate Studies: Richard Lewis - richlewis37@yahoo.com

College of Education

Counseling Psychology: Randy Rhamy – caribbeanserenity@hotmail.com
General Psychology: Ann Marie Rabara-White – ar011@my.tamuct.edu
Primary Education: Vacant
Secondary Education: Vacant
Graduate Studies: Kriskeya Price – pink077us@yahoo.com

At-Large Voting Senators

At-Large: Lorraine Gonzalez – lg003@my.tamuct.edu
At-Large: Kevin Tomaszewski – ktomaszewski71@gmail.com
At-Large: Glenn Shealy – gs004@my.tamuct.edu
At-Large: Annetta Warren - annettawarren@yahoo.com
Military Science: Vanessa Leonardo – vanesa_leonardo@hotmail.com

The Student Government Association is currently seeking motivated students who wish to represent the Warrior student body as Senators. If you are interested in playing a role in the growth of TAMUCT as a student leader, or know someone who is, please contact the SGA at sga@tamuct.edu and/or fill out an application for membership and return it to the SGA/Office of Student Affairs, located in room WH 105 of Warrior Hall.