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Two-Year Course Rotation for Criminal Justice

Graduate Courses

Course No. Course Title Fall Spring Summer
C JK 500 Statistics2    
C JK 501 Criminology2    
C JK 504 Judiciary    
C JK 505 Juvenile Justice    
C JK 508 Corrections    
C JK 510 CJ System2    
C JK 520 Policing    
C JK 521 Management2    
C JK 522 Adv Ethics2    
C JK 540 Legal Aspects2    
C JK 597 Thesis3
C JK 598 Methods2    

1 Most core courses will be offered from year to year in different formats (lecture v. online)
2 Required core course for the MCJ degree
3 Repeated course (total of 6 hrs) for thesis-track students

Undergraduate Courses

Course No. Course Title Fall even yrs Spring  odd yrs Summer  odd yrs Fall odd yrs Spring even yrs Summer even yrs
C JK 300 Juv Delinquency        
C JK 301 Surv For Sci          
C JK 305 Criminology1    
C JK 308 Comparative CJ          
C JK 310 Super & Mgmt1    
C JK 311 Interviewing          
C JK 315 Crim Evidence1    
C JK 325 Inst Corrections        
C JK 330 Com Correct        
C JK 340 Homeland Sec        
C JK 345 CJ in Film        
C JK 352 Phy Asp For Sci          
C JK 353 Bio Asp For Sci          
C JK 356 Death Invest          
C JK 404 Serial Murder          
C JK 405 Org Crime          
C JK 406 Fem Offenders        
C JK 412 CJ Ethics1    
C JK 415 Statistics1    
C JK 416 Methods1    
C JK 425 Adv Invest          
C JK 431 Field Exper
C JK 451 For Anth        
C JK 498 Senior Seminar1    

1 Required course for a major in Criminal Justice