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Registration Instructions for WarriorWeb

These are instructions for how to register for classes through WarriorWeb. These will be used for Fall 2014 classes and beyond.

  1. Check registration dates on the News & Events page.
  2. Go to WarriorWeb .
  3. TAMUCT Students DuckTrax interface
  4. Click Login. login screen
  5. Select the Registration tab.

    login screen
  6. Select Add/Drop Courses.

    login screen
  7. Select the term you want to register for and click Submit.
  8. main menu interface
  9. Type the CRNs (Course Reference Numbers) for your classes in the "Add Classes Worksheet" boxes.
    • You can not register for closed classes or classes with conflicting times.
    • You must register for both parts of class/lab combinations.
    • CRNs are also used to drop classes or change class sections.
  10. Click Submit Changes. add drop interface
  11. Your current class schedule will appear.
  12. registration interface
  13. You may return to the main WarriorWeb page or exit WarriorWeb. registration term interface
  14. Be sure to exit WarriorWeb, if you are using a publicly accessabile computer. Wnen you have successfully logged out, you'll see the following screen. registration term interface

  15. If you have questions, read the Registration FAQs, consult with your advisor, and/or call the Records Office 254-519-5452.