Limits on Drops and Withdrawals

This policy is to help students stay on course for graduation with minimal cost for the student.

Section Bill 2183, 80th Legislature; THECB Regulations, Chapter 4, Section 4.10(a) states, beginning with the fall 2007 academic term, and applying to students who enroll in higher education for the first time during the fall 2007 academic term or any term subsequent to the fall 2007 term, an institution of higher education may not permit an undergraduate student a total of more than six dropped courses.

Withdrawal Definition

A student is considered to have withdrawn from the institution when the student drops all courses during the semester. The student will receive a non-punitive grade of W if the withdrawal takes place before the last day to drop. If the student withdraws after the last day to drop, a WF grade will be assigned to all courses. This grade is calculated as an F for GPA purposes.

Note: If a student has received a grade for the semester, the student is not allowed to withdraw from the remainder of the courses. The student must contact the instructor to determine how to best complete the course requirements.

A Student who withdraws from the University will be required to reapply and be admitted before registering for future terms.

Course Drop Definition

A course drop, which will be recorded on the transcript, is defined as an affected credit course not completed by an undergraduate student who:

* Date of record varies according to the length of the course.

Date of Record

Course Length Date of Record
3 week course 2nd class day
5 or 6 week course 4th class day
8 week course 6th class day
16 week course 12th class day

For example: If a semester starts on Monday, Thursday of that week is considered the 4th class day for all classes.

Student Affected

The following limitations on dropped courses apply to all Undergraduate students entering Texas Public Higher Education for the first time in fall 2007 or thereafter:

Excluded Courses from Limit

Drops from the following type of courses are excluded from the course drop limit.


Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm