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Office of the Registrar

Drop Policy & Procedures


If you discover that you need to drop a class, the necessary paperwork must be obtained from the Records Office. When you pick up the form, the Records Office will enter the deadline by which it must be returned with all necessary signatures. It is your responsibility to get the necessary signatures and return the form to the Records Office by that deadline; do not give the form to another person to do this for you.

After all the signatures have been obtained, return the signed drop slip to the Records Office. The next day, go into Student Self Service and make sure that you are no longer enrolled in the class. If you are still enrolled, follow up with the Records Office until you are removed from the class. Professors cannot drop a student from a class, this is always the student’s responsibility. If the correct procedures are not followed, or you miss a deadline, a failing grade will be given for the class; an incomplete will not be an option.

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Student remains enrolled in one or more courses at the university.

Effective Drop Date is the date the drop is recorded in the Registrar’s office.

  1. If a course is dropped on or before the census date for the appropriate session, the student will be refunded for the tuition and fees associated with that course.
  2. If a course is dropped after the appropriate census date, the student will not receive a refund.
Census Dates for various length sessions
Session Length Drop Date
3-Week session 2nd class day
4-Week session 3rd class day
5-Week session 4th class day
8-week session 6th class day
9 or 10-Week session 7th class day
16-Week session 12th class day


The drop form must be filled out completely and signed by the student. The drop form may be faxed to 254-519-5486 or turned in at the records window.

For refund purposes, class days are determined by the calendar, NOT by the number of class meetings. As an example, if a semester starts on Monday, Thursday of that week is considered the 4th class day for all classes.

Those fees paid by Tuition Assistance or other third party receivable will be refunded to the military or other organization if a refund is due.

Students who have paid fees in full and withdraw from the University will receive refunds for tuition and fees. Students paying on an installment basis and who withdraw from the University will be required to pay the balance of fees due.

Texas A&M University-Central Texas’s refund policy is in accordance with mandates of the state of Texas.