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3 - Peat Rule

This rule was passed by the State to discourage students from repeating courses unnecessarily.  Again, this has a financial impact on students who repeat in excess.

Legislation also impacts funding rates for student based on the number of times they attempt* the same course for a third time since Fall 2002 could be charged tuition not exceeding that of out-of-state tuition rates for that course.  This provision is described in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules (Chapter 13, Subchapter B,§ 13.25).

Semester credit hours or contact hours attempted* by students for the following types of coursework are exempt from the provision of this section.

For example: If tuition at Texas A&M-Central Texas costs approximately $350 for 3 hours, if you were to pay out-of-state tuition, it could cost you approximately $975 for the same 3 hours.  Details vary by student and course. This is an approximate cost only.

*Attempted hours are calculated for courses in which a student is enrolled on official reporting day, which is approximately two weeks after the beginning of fall and spring semesters and one week after the beginning of summer semesters. In other words, if you enroll in a course and subsequently drop it, the hours that you attempted but did not complete will count toward the limit imposed by this policy.  If you intend to drop a course, you must do so before the end of the official reporting day of the semester to avoid having that course count in your total number of attempted hours.  This is, only when you drop before the end of official reporting day will the hours not count toward the 45+ or 30+ limits imposed by this policy.