myCT Accounts

Enrolled students will use their myCT account to logon to several TAMUCT resources:

The myCT account is in the form of In this example, xx001 will be your username, while will be your email address.

Set Up New Student Accounts

Setting Up Your myCT Account

When you receive an email notification from the Admissions Office you can activate your myCT account by using the Warrior Password Manager website ( to setup your account password and the information needed to reset your password in the future. The email from Admissions will contain your Student ID number and your myCT username. Your initial password is explained on the password manager site.

Frequently Asked Questions about myCT Accounts

What account do I use to logon to services? See below for a chart showing which services will use the myCT login.

When will myCT accounts be available? Your myCT account can be activated when you receive the email from the Admissions Office that your admissions is finalized. Follow the steps above to setup your new account and password.

I reset my password but still cannot logon to the campus computer labs. Why? The account password will take some time to propagate through the various systems. If you account does not work after 24 hours from setting up your account, contact the help desk at .

I do not remember what my myCT username is. How can I find out? You can look up your myCT account username if you have your Student ID Number.

How to Access Various Online Services with Your myCT Account

Detailed information about each online service and how to access it can be found on the Account Types Information Page.


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