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Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS

Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS

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Earn Your Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS at A&M-Central Texas:

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) at Texas A&M University-Central Texas prepares students for rewarding careers with an engineering focus. The program prepares graduates for practice in product improvement, manufacturing, engineering operation, sales, production, and implementation of mechanical systems. Learn more about our Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS here.

Core Requirements
(Transfer Credits)
Other Institution Course Title SCH
CORE REQ (010)Communication Selection (010)3
CORE REQ (010)Communication Selection (010)3
MATH 2413 (020)Calculus I (020)4
PHYS 1401 (030)College Physics I (Lecture + Lab) (030)4
CHEM 1411 (030)General Chemistry I (Lecture + Lab) (030)4
CORE REQ (040)Language, Philosophy, and Culture Selection (040)3
CORE REQ (050)Creative Arts Selection (050)3
CORE REQ (060)American History Selection (060)3
CORE REQ (060)American History Selection (060)3
CORE REQ (070)Government/Political Science Selection (070)3
CORE REQ (070)Government/Political Science Selection (070)3
CORE REQ (080)Social and Behavioral Sciences Selection (080)3
MATH 2414 (090)Calculus II (090)4
Subtotal: 43
Additional Lower-Level Degree Requirements
(Transfer Credits)
Other Institution Course Title SCH
ENGL 2311Technical &Business Writing3
ENGR 1201Introduction to Engineering2
ENGR 1304, ENGR ELECEngineering Graphics, Any ENGR/ENGT Elective3
ENGR 2301Engineering Mechanics I - Statics3
ENGR 2302Engineering Mechanics II - Dynamics3
ENGR 2305Electrical Circuits I (Lecture)3
ENGR 2332, ENGT 2307Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Materials I3
PHYS 1402College Physics II (Lecture + Lab)4
Subtotal: 24
Upper-Level Degree Requirements
(Taken at A&M-Central Texas)
TAMUCT Institution Course Title SCH
Any ENGR/ENGT ElectiveAny ENGR/ENGT Elective9
ENGT 3213Thermal Fluids Lab2
ENGT 3302Manufacturing Processes3
ENGT 3305Computer Aided Problem Solving3
ENGT 3306Engineering Ethics3
ENGT 3310Applied Thermodynamics3
ENGT 3311Fluid Mechanics3
ENGT 3312Heat Transfer3
ENGT 3320Quality Control Technology3
ENGT 3415Material Science4
ENGT 4307Engineering Economics3
ENGT 4325Senior Design A3
ENGT 4326Senior Design B3
ENGT 4421Solid Modeling4
ENGT 4422Electrical Power and Controls4
Subtotal: 53
Total: 120

  • Any ENGR electives may be taken at either at Texas A&M University-Central Texas or another institution. Please consult an academic advisor prior to selecting any-level electives.
  • Transfer guides are for planning and visualization purposes only. Official degree plans will be provided after admission.