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Math, BS with Secondary Education Minor

Math, BS with Secondary Education Minor

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Earn Your Math, BS with Secondary Education Minor at A&M-Central Texas:

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Texas A&M University-Central Texas provides rigorous coursework to provide a foundation in basic theory. The program also offers exposure to essential practical skills such as quantitative reasoning, analysis, data analytics, use of technology, and programming using state-of-the-art software. Small class sizes will allow you to receive individual attention from faculty both in and out of the classroom. Whether your interest is teaching, research, or pursuing graduate studies, our program is for you. Learn more about our Math, BS here.

Core Requirements
(Transfer Credits)
Other Institution Course Title SCH
ENGL 1301 (010)Composition I (010)3
ENGL 13032 (010)Composition II (010)3
MATH 2413 (020)Calculus I (020)4
PHYS 2425 (030)University Physics I (030)4
CORE REQ (030)Life and Physical Sciences Selection (030)4
ENGL LIT (040)English Literature Selection (040)3
CORE REQ (050)Creative Arts Selection (050)3
HIST 1301 (060)United States History I (060)3
HIST 1302 (060)United States History II (060)3
GOVT 2305 (070)Federal Government (070)3
GOVT 2306 (070)Texas Government (070)3
CORE REQ (080)Social and Behavioral Sciences Selection (080)3
MATH 2414 (090)Calculus II (090)4
Subtotal: 43
Additional Lower-Level Degree Requirements
(Transfer Credits)
Other Institution Course Title SCH
Any Level Elective Any Level Elective6
Any Level CIS ElectiveAny Level CIS Elective3
MATH 2415Calculus III 4
PSYC 2308, TECA 1354Child Psychology, Child Growth & Development3
Subtotal: 16
Upper-Level Degree Requirements
(Taken at A&M-Central Texas)
TAMUCT Institution Course Title SCH
MATH 3301Number Theory3
MATH 3309Algebraic Function3
MATH 3311Probability & Statistics I3
MATH 3315Mathematics & Technology3
MATH 3350Principles of Bio-Statistics3
MATH 3360Numerical Analysis I3
MATH 3370An Introduction to Linear Programming3
MATH 4302College Geometry3
MATH 4304Survey of Mathematical Ideas3
MATH 4304LSurvey of Mathematical Ideas Lab1
MATH 4309Advanced Analysis I3
MATH 4332Abstract Algebra3
ENGL 3309Tech Writing & Document Design3
READ 3335Content Area Reading3
EDUC 4317Assessment & Interpretation for Secondary Teachers3
EDUC 4331Curriculum & Instruction for Secondary Teachers3
EDUC 4332Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers3
EDUC 4335Capstone for Educators3
EDUC 4337Educating Secondary Exceptional Learners3
EDUC 4691Clinical Teaching6
Subtotal: 61
Total: 120

  • Any-level electives may be taken at either at Texas A&M University-Central Texas or another institution. Please consult an academic advisor prior to selecting any-level electives.
  • Transfer guides are for planning and visualization purposes only. Official degree plans will be provided after admission.
  • Admission to Secondary Education Certification will be required before taking any READ or EDUC classes.