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Management & Leadership

MS, Management and Marketing


The Master of Science (MS) degree in Management & Leadership features a global focus designed to prepare professionals for executive leadership positions in business, military, government, and non-profit organizations.  This program deliberately gives less emphasis to the technical skills typically taught in most MBA programs in favor of higher-level, sophisticated diagnostic and practical skills commensurate with an organization-wide perspective that current and aspiring executives need in today’s diverse and hyper-connected world.

While students from all industries, backgrounds, and career stages are welcome, the Management & Leadership program targets and is positioned to be most beneficial to experienced professionals in any industry or discipline who want to take their leadership, organizations, and careers to the next level. The curriculum focuses on building strong communication and negotiation proficiency, creativity and innovative problem-solving, the creation and maintenance of collaborative and productive teams, and the enactment and support of socially responsible behavior—all while emphasizing the balance between employee well-being, sustainability, and performance excellence. In total, it provides the leadership skills needed to make tough choices and lead change on critical issues facing today’s organizations.

Coursework includes: