University Writing Center

Meet the Tutors

The University Writing Center has ten tutors on staff to help you with your overall writing process and various writing assignments/tasks.

Tutor Biographies

  • Dawn


    • Dawn received her B.A. in Psychology from Texas A&M University–Central Texas. Dawn is a Clinical Mental Health Therapist graduate student at the University Mary Hardin–Baylor. Some of Dawn’s areas of expertise are brainstorming, organization, cohesion, developing a thesis statement, and research methods. Dawn loves to show her clients the secret techniques of how to find reliable resources on the library website and Google Scholar—and she is passionate about teaching APA and MLA format. Dawn will be most helpful to her clients about how to create an effective outline, establish an argument, compose a reflection/reaction essay, and most importantly, how to write a research paper, literature or book review. When she is not tutoring, she enjoys watching movies such as the Rocky series, Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor movies, and junky reality television such as Marriage Boot Camp or 90-Day Fiancé.
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  • Jonathan

    • Jonathan is currently enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program here at Texas A&M University–Central Texas. His favorite thing about working with writers and the writing process is the visibility of progress made, and the “Aha!” moments that often accompany that progress. His primary strengths in tutoring are in the areas of organization, argumentation, and research. When he’s not engaged with school, Jonathan brews his own beer and runs Dungeons and Dragons games for friends and family.

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  • Jordan


    • Jordan earned his B.A in English from Texas A&M University–Central Texas and has a long history of prior work as a private tutor. He enjoys short story writing and is published in the 6th and 7th volumes of The Lookout. His favorite aspects of tutoring are the collaboration shared with students and analyzing the nearly endless paths that a paper can take. Jordan is most comfortable when helping students with brainstorming, understanding assignments, and formatting papers. In his free time he enjoys gardening, playing video games (possibly too much), and creative writing.

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  • Katie


    • Katie has spent almost her entire life independently studying writing and literature. She initially planned to take up a military career, but though she was proud to serve her country, she inevitably decided to return to her first love: English. After graduating with her B.A. in English, she returned to Texas A&M University–Central Texas to take up a position in the UWC to help others learn to love it as much as she does. While skilled in all aspects of writing, Katie excels in bolstering confidence in her clients, taking the time to listen to her client’s concerns and working to help them overcome them. She is also talented at helping clients become inspired to write, whether coming up with an interesting topic from scratch or figuring out how to get past a block. Katie practices her writing skills even when she is not being paid to, though she focuses on fiction outside of the university. She loves to explore narratives and tropes in movies, television, and games of both the electronic and tabletop variety.

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  • Kre’Shon


    • Kre’Shon is a student tutor who is currently working towards a B.A. in Criminal Justice with an English minor. He enjoys writing because it is a vital form of communication that is used every day, and the technicality of it reminds him of the American legal system. In addition, writing has always been a special hobby of his. Although Kre’Shon is a specialist tutor when it comes to APA formatting and criminal justice assignments, he sees himself as also being a generalist tutor who can help a client with most of their concerns. Outside of classes, Kre’Shon serves as a Blue Coat Ambassador and is involved in multiple campus organizations; he also speaks Spanish and bits of Latin. Furthermore, Kre’Shon enjoys reciting Templar chants, fighting at the gym, shopping for suits and shoes, and using coupons.

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  • Michellie

    • Michellie received her A.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Central Texas College, and is currently working on her B.A. in English with a minor in Language and Linguistics. She loves learning the how and why behind the rules of writing and sharing them with others, as there is always something new to learn. Michellie is well-versed in the aide of developing and organizing ideas. When not tutoring, Michellie likes to spend her time outdoors with family and friends.

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  • Pamela


    • Pamela received her B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University–Central Texas and is pursuing an M.A. in Sociology at Texas State University. She also has experience writing about Anthropology, in which she minored at both programs. She feels that writing is for everyone and can be personally transformative and a vehicle for self-discovery. Discussion of the writing process and sharing the joys and struggles of academic writing with students are activities Pamela relishes. Her strengths include research skills, navigating technological tools, and APA and ASA styles. Outside the classroom, Pamela enjoys reading fantasy novels while sipping herbal tea alongside her cat. She also enjoys creative writing in her free time.

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  • Pat


    • Pat became a full-time student after serving over two decades in the Army. He received his Bachelor's degree with twin concentrations in English and History, and a minor in Film Studies. His war poetry has appeared in numerous issues of the university's arts journal, The Lookout. Currently, Pat is pursuing his Master's degree in Liberal Studies at Texas A&M University–Central Texas. He often tells students that "writing is like music, painting, or golf. One gets better only by frequent practice of the craft." His hobbies include travel, scuba diving, and aviation. He is currently at work on a screenplay.
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  • Phyliis


    • Phyllis earned her Bachelor’s of Arts at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) and her Master’s in English from Sul Ross University in Alpine, TX. She loves taking writers through the process and watching them grow as they go from paper to paper. She is especially good at asking questions that let the writer talk through what they know before actually working with the writing. In her free time, Phyllis watches every Hallmark movie on TV. She calls herself a Hallmark junkie.
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  • Rickeda


    • Rickeda received her B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University–Central Texas. She has read many peer-reviewed articles, wrote several literature reviews and research papers, and contributed to a group research study throughout her educational journey. Rickeda considers writing a multidimensional tool for sharing knowledge between a writer to their audience and loves acquiring new information from the many writers of various disciplines she meets. Rickeda is most confident in her ability to organize sentences within paragraphs, examine grammar concerns, such as punctuation and syntax, and check in-text citations and references in APA. When she is not tutoring, Rickeda enjoys drawing and watching animated and superhero films.
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