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The University Writing Center has a variety of tutors on staff to help you with your overall writing process and various writing assignments/tasks.

Tutor Biographies

  • Adrian

    • Adrian received his A.A. in interdisciplinary studies from Central Texas College and is working on his B.A. in English at Texas A&M University–Central Texas. Adrian believes the beauty of writing is not only in its usefulness for organizing thoughts but also the fact that writers become better thinkers in the process of organizing their thoughts. Adrian is more than able to help with any writing concern but is most skilled at working with writers on maintaining focus on their main topic throughout their papers. He’s also good at helping students outline and reorganize ideas on their papers if necessary. Outside of the writing center, Adrian writes stories trapped in his head in hopes of getting them out to the world and helping people with them, even if this happens after he’s passed away.

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  • Allissa


    • Allissa is a current student at Texas A&M University–Central Texas pursuing a B.A. in English with a minor in secondary education. She enjoys writing because it can be used in a wide variety of contexts and is essential in most fields. Allissa adores learning about new topics with students and thrives at making sure papers are cohesive and understandable through discussing organizational strategies. However, she also likes to help with MLA citations and identifying punctuation or grammar errors. If Allissa is not at the UWC, she is probably at home crocheting and watching documentaries.

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  • Derek


    • After more than thirteen years of military service across two branches, Derek received a handful of associate degrees from Central Texas College before completing his B.A in English at Texas A&M–Central Texas. He is currently in attendance here at A&M–Central Texas in pursuit of an M.A. in English. What Derek loves most about writing is breaking all the “rules” in its creation and challenging what is perceived as the “only” way to engage in the writing process. Although he can help with a variety of writing concerns, his strengths are thesis development, explication, and MLA style. When he’s not tutoring or studying, Derek spends his time tending bonsai, grinding in Black Desert, and reading sci-fi or high fantasy.

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  • Makenzie

    • Makenzie will receive her B.A. in History from Texas A&M University–Central Texas at the end of the summer. Makenzie did not always like writing, however, once she took the time to develop good writing habits, she found a love for the process and hopes to help students find that same liking. Although Makenzie can help with each concern a student has over their paper, she excels in developing ideas as well as organizing a paper. Additionally, Makenzie likes to spend her free time playing video games and snuggling her two cats.

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  • Pamela


    • Pamela received her B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University–Central Texas and is pursuing an M.A. in Sociology at Texas State University. She also has experience writing about Anthropology, in which she minored at both programs. She feels that writing is for everyone and can be personally transformative and a vehicle for self-discovery. Discussion of the writing process and sharing the joys and struggles of academic writing with students are activities Pamela relishes. Her strengths include research skills, navigating technological tools, and APA and ASA styles. Outside the classroom, Pamela enjoys reading fantasy novels while sipping herbal tea alongside her cat. She also enjoys creative writing in her free time.

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  • Phyliis


    • Phyllis earned her Bachelor’s of Arts at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) and her Master’s in English from Sul Ross University in Alpine, TX. She loves taking writers through the process and watching them grow as they go from paper to paper. She is especially good at asking questions that let the writer talk through what they know before actually working with the writing. In her free time, Phyllis watches every Hallmark movie on TV. She calls herself a Hallmark junkie.
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  • Rachel


    • Rachel received her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and her master’s degree in English from Texas A&M University-Central Texas. Her writing has appeared in various blogs, newspapers, and literary journals. Rachel has a passion for anything that has to do with writing and language, and she loves being able to help other writers navigate each stage of the writing process. When tutoring, Rachel enjoys helping students organize their thoughts, but she really loves working on the more technical side of writing, such as grammar, punctuation, and MLA citations. In her free time, Rachel enjoys reading, crocheting, and listening to true crime podcasts––always with her cat on her lap.

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  • Rickeda


    • Whitney is an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University–Central Texas, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. She has also been a published author for over 10 years, with more than two dozen romance and young adult titles under her belt. As a writer, she enjoys crafting compelling narratives around the subject at hand, and constantly seeks to improve on her craft. She believes that writing is a skill that anyone can learn, because all it takes is practice and patience. When working with student writers, Whitney excels at brainstorming and organization, improving sentence structure, gathering and incorporating research, and ASA and APSA styles. Outside of her work as a tutor, Whitney spends her time writing and reading, practicing yoga, gardening (flowers, fruit, veggies), and corralling three rambunctious kids and two wild dogs.

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