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office of Civic and Student Engagement

Student Organizations


OrgSync is a collaborative software program for TAMUCT students and student organizations. This user-friendly, informational and social networking site allows student organizations to engage their members and other organizations through one source. OrgSync allows student organizations to consolidate all of their club business, such as Web sites, meeting minutes, programs, events, and membership databases. All paperwork and permits should be completed and filed through this system in order to seamlessly provide the most efficient and effective management possible. OrgSync also provides dynamic ways to connect student organizations to the Office of Civic and Student Engagement resources, training materials, policies and procedures, as well as resume and co-curricular transcript options for individual student leaders.


How to recruit new students to your organization:

  • Set specific goals for the organization.
  • Co-sponsor events with another TAMUCT student organization.
  • Have meetings at convenient times and places.
  • Sponsor a "bring a friend" meeting, where each current member must bring someone new.
  • Provide an opportunity for the new member to "test out" the organization (attend meetings, events, etc.)
  • Sell the benefits of being a member of your organization.
  • Identify who could be a potential new member and go to where they are!

Ask yourself and current members of your organization:

  • Why does the organization exist? Ensure that you revisit the mission of your organization 1-2 times per year.
  • What are any current and/or future projects? If you do not have projects lined up, then plan something.
  • Why are you a member of the organization? Answering this question will assist you in better recruitment practices. Once you realize why you are a member of the organization and the benefits that you have received you will be able to recruit new members!


How to retain members of your organization:

  • Provide meaningful opportunities for your members.
  • Ask for input, change CAN be a good thing!
  • DELEGATE! Give members something to do. No one person can or should do everything!
  • Create a fun and positive environment amongst the group (if conflicts arise discuss them immediately)
  • If a member goes above and beyond their expectations, demonstrate a sign of appreciation.
  • Understand who your members are and what motivates them to succeed.
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