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department of Public Safety

Our promises to victims

Personal crimes, including assaults, sexual assaults, and hate crimes, are a very serious concern of the Texas A&M University-Central Texas Department of Public Safety.

Such offenses can be emotionally devastating to a victim, and they destroy the fabric of our community. We strongly encourage all victims of crime to file a police report, and we make the following guarantees to anyone who does.

Because the needs of a victim are our primary concern

  • We will meet with you privately, at a place of your choice, to take a report.
  • We will go with you to meet with another police agency if this is out of our jurisdiction.
  • We will not prejudge you or blame you for what occurred.
  • We will treat you professionally, with courtesy, sensitivity, dignity, and respect.
  • We will do our best to make you feel comfortable while making your report.
  • We will assist you and go with you in arranging for any hospital treatment or other medical needs.
  • We will assist you in obtaining counseling, advising, and other available resources both on and off campus.
  • We will do everything we can to protect your safety after making a report.
  • We will thoroughly investigate your case and, if a perpetrator is identified, prosecute it criminally, unless you decide against it.
  • We will keep you informed of the progress of the investigation and/or prosecution.
  • We will always be available to answer questions and explain the criminal justice system and processes involved.
  • We will consider your case seriously regardless of your gender or the suspect's.
  • A victim's request to speak to an officer of the same gender will be accommodated, when available.
  • We are committed to making our community safer for everyone.

Call us. We're your police.

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