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department of Military Science

Cadet Life

Welcome to all new cadets, future cadets and returning cadets to the TAMUCT cadet homepage. Here you will find information on what all happens at Tarleton State University ROTC program. Whether you are new to the program, interested in finding out information, or you are continuing your stay in the program, feel free to click on the links to the left for more information on the program.

You will find information on:

  • Summer schools
  • FTX training
  • Cadet Chain of Command
  • The TAMUCT Facebook page
  • Pictures of ROTC events

Cadet Chain of Command

BC Cadet LTC Kleis
Cadet LTC Kleis

SGM CDT Wilcox
CDT Wilcox


CO Cadet CPT Sandy
Cadet CPT Sandy

1SG Cadet Davis
Cadet Davis

XO Cadet 1LT Meister
Cadet Meister

S1 Cadet CPT Griffin
Cadet 1LT Griffin

S2 Cadet CPT Bingham
Cadet Bingham

S3 Cadet MAJ Aragon
Cadet Aragon

S4 Cadet CPT Chavez
Cadet CPT Chavez

S5 Cadet CPT Disla
Cadet 1LT Disla

S6 Cadet CPT Lovik
Cadet 1LT Lovik

LN TAC/ OIC Cadet Vinson
Cadet Vinson

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