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office of the Registrar

Desired Classes - Online Schedule

  1. Determine which classes you need to take by consulting:
  2. Click Register Now in Student Self Service.
  3. Click Class Schedule. image of DuckTrax interface
  4. Select a semester from the menu:
    • click the down arrow,
    • scroll down to highlight a semester, and
    • click the desired semester.
    image of Class Schedule Search interface
  5. Click Submit.
    image of Class Schedule Search interface
  6. Locate information about a specific class using any of several methods:
    • By Subject (field of study). See Item 1 in the figure below.
      • Choose a subject from the menu. For example, English. Note: Classes may have an '(TAMUCT)' indicator. These are TAMUCT specific classes. Starting in Fall 2012, all TAMUCT classes will be under this designation. For Summer 2012, you should select subjects with and without the indicator. For example, 'English' and 'Engish (TAMUCT)'.
      • Click Class Search.

    • By Course Number. See Item 2 in the figure below.
      • Choose a subject. For example, English
      • Enter the course number from the print schedule or University catalog. For example, 111.
      • Click Class Search.

    • By Course Title listed in the University catalog. See Item 3 in the figure below.
      Note: Searching by the course title printed in the catalog does not always work because the catalog and the online listings may not use identical course titles.

    • Using other search options from menus:
      • schedule type
      • instructional method
      • credit range
      • campus location
      • course level
      • part of term
      • instructor's name
      • time
      • days of the week

    Note: Classes for Texas A&M University-Central Texas are listed under Campus: Texas A&M Univ - Central Texas. All other campuses are Tarleton State classes. See Item 4 in the figure below.

    image of class entry
  7. Locate desired class in the results list. Each class entry will resemble the example shown at the right. Write down information about the class: Course Reference Number (CRN), course title, class and section numbers, class times, classroom, etc.

    The CRN is required for registration.
    It is the five digit number located after the course title in the first line. image of class entry
  8. Create a desired classes list using a planning sheet like the one below.
    8-8:50         8-9:15    
    9-9:50         9:25-10:40    
    10-10:50         10:50-12:05    
    11-11:50         1-2:15    
    12-12:50         2:25-3:40    
    1-1:50         4:00-5:15    
  9. Check registration dates on the Upcoming Important Dates page.
  10. Follow steps on the Registration Instructions page to register online during your assigned registration period.

If you have questions, read the Registration FAQs, consult with your advisor, and/or call the Records Office 254-519-5452.

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