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office of the Registrar

Registration Instructions

  1. Check registration dates on the Upcoming Important Dates page.
  2. Create a list of desired classes. See Desired Classes: Online Schedule for instructions.
  3. Go to Student Self Service (formerly Ducktrax).
  4. Click Enter Student Self Service (Ducktrax). DuckTrax interface
  5. First-time Tarleton students
    • Default User ID = UID (University ID)
    • Default PIN = birth date written in the format MMDDYY (For example, Jan. 6, 1984 = 010684)
    1. Click Login.
    2. Create a login verification security question and answer.
    3. When prompted, create a new PIN and return to login interface.
    login screen
  6. Enter User ID and PIN. User ID = University ID Number (UID)
    If you do not know your UID, use the University ID Lookup.

    PIN = the one you created
    If you do not know your PIN, use the Forgot PIN? button to get help.

  7. Click Login. login screen
  8. Read the fee payment deadline and account summaries information.

  9. Click Online Services & Financial Aid.
  10. main menu interface
  11. Click Registration.

    Note: You can use other links on this page to access:
    • student records
    • financial aid
    Online Services & Financial Aid interface
  12. Click Add or Drop Classes.

    Note: You can use other links on this page to access:
    • your class schedule
    • registration fees
    • registration status and history
    • and more
    registration interface
  13. You may be prompted to verify your personal contact information. Verify the information.
  14. Note: Your University ID Number (UID) is next to your name.

    Remember your UID for future use.registration term interface
  15. Select a term from the menu.
    1. Click the down arrow.
    2. Scroll down to highlight a semester.
    3. Click the desired semester.
  16. Click Submit. registration term interface
  17. Type the CRNs (Course Reference Numbers) for your classes in the "Add Classes Worksheet" boxes.
    • You can not register for closed classes or classes with conflicting times.
    • You must register for both parts of class/lab combinations.
    • CRNs are also used to drop classes or change class sections.
  18. Click Submit Changes. add drop interface
  19. Your current schedule will appear at the bottom of the "Add or Drop Classes" interface. current schedule
  20. Use the EXIT link to quit the program or use SITE MAP to locate other screens. navigation buttons

  21. If you have questions, read the Registration FAQs, consult with your advisor, and/or call the Records Office 254-519-5452.

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