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Program: Mathematics


Meinie de Kock

Dr. Mienie de Kock
Assistant Professor
WH 420B
Phone: (254) 519-5738
Advisor for BS in Math with teacher certification

I received my Ph.D. in Pure Math from Kent State University under Joe Diestel in 2008. My dissertation focused on absolute continuity and the range of vector measures. I also received an MA in math from Kent State University. My MS is from Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education in South Africa. It focused on conditional expectation in terms of positive projections.

Previous teaching positions include part-time teacher at Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education – South Africa, graduate assistant at Kent State University – Ohio, Associate Professor at Jarvis Christian College – Texas, Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University- Central Texas. I am currently the program coordinator for the math program. I also advise 5 masters students.

I have published research in functional analysis and measure theory. Current research interests focus on vector measures. I am also interested in developing an I-phone application for the University.

Mathematics has given me the opportunity to travel to Europe and South Africa and across America in order to attend conferences.

chris thron

Dr. Christopher Thron
Assistant Professor
WH 420C
Phone: (254) 519-5776
Graduate Coordinator

I joined the faculty of TAMUCT in 2009. My math Ph.D. is from the University of Wisconsin/Madison under David Griffeath (1985) and my physics Ph.D. is from the University of Kentucky/Lexington under Keh-Fei Liu (1997). My math thesis focused on properties of one type of composition operator that has applications both to statistical mechanics and discrete dynamical systems. My physics thesis focused on the computation of properties of quantum fields using random methods applied to huge matrices.

Previous teaching positions include King College (Bristol, TN), Baylor University (adjunct), Austin Community College (adjunct), and Capella University (online adjunct). In 2004 I was a Fulbright Professor of Mathematics at the University of N'Djamena (Chad, Africa). I've also taught English and math in the People's Republic of China at Northwest University of Science and Technology (1985, 1987-88), Shanghai Jiaotong University (1986), and Jiangnan University (1988-1990). In summer 1980 I was junior staff at HCSSiM.

My 13-year industry experience includes positions with NEC America, Motorola, and Freescale Semiconductor. I have consulted for Applied Mathematics, Inc. ( in the development of search and tracking algorithms. I've also consulted for Host Integrity Systems ( in the development of network user integrity management algorithms. I have published research in mathematical physics, computational quantum field theory, probability theory, and digital signal processing.

Current research interests focus on modeling and simulation of practical systems for the purposes of prediction and performance improvement. I'm looking for students to get involve in this research -- in case you are interested!

Geoff Diestel

Dr. Geoff Diestel
Assistant Professor
WH 420N
Phone: (254) 501-5872
Lead Faculty
Advisor for BS in Math without teacher certification
Curriculum vitae

I received my PhD from the University of Missouri in 2006 under Loukas Grafakos. My area of expertise is Fourier and Functional Analysis with an emphasis on bilinear singular integral operators which arise in the study of nonlinear PDE's. Secondary interests include geometry, topology, and measure theory. From 2006-2009, I was a visiting assistant professor at the University of South Carolina and have recently been teaching at the University of Portland and Mount Hood Community College.

My teaching experience spans a variety of settings from large state universities to smaller private schools and community colleges. This experience has exposed me to a variety of learning styles and has given me the ability to explain almost anything to almost anyone. At the University of South Carolina, I mentored students and directed one undergraduate research project. Currently, one of my students is studying Physics and Biology at Cambridge in the UK. I am interested in students interested in learning. If you qualify, please come talk to me and we can discuss potential projects in any field of your interest.

Justin Hill

Justin Hill
Adjunct Faculty
FH 217
Phone: (254) 519-5441

Justin Hill spent most of his childhood in Central Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida in May of 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. He and his wife moved to Killeen, TX in August of 2007 to help take care of family. Here, he first worked as a substitute teacher in KISD and a private math tutor. Then, he completed his TMATE alternative certification program at TAMUCT for Math 8-12 in May of 2008. Justin taught at Temple High School from August of 2008 to Nov. of 2009, teaching Geometry to mostly sophomores.

Justin then enrolled and completed his Masters of Science in Mathematics at TAMUCT, graduating in December 2011. For his Master's Thesis he and Dr. Christopher Thron took an existing Abstract Algebra textbook and rewrote and edited it to fit the needs of our students at TAMUCT. While getting his Masters, Justin taught Survey of Mathematics, Concepts of Mathematics 1 and 2, and Discrete Mathematics.

JJustin is currently completing his PH.D dissertation with Francisco Javier Garcia-Pacheco from the University of Cadiz (Spain). It is focused on an open question posed by Italian mathematician Biagio Ricceri concerning certain non-complete topological vector spaces. Justin currently teaches at TAMUCT, having taught Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, and Survey of Mathematics. He also teaches at Central Texas College, having taught Developmental Mathematics 1, 2, and 3. As well, he still substitute teaches for KISD and is a private tutor for any level of mathematics.


Cortina Merritt
Administrative Assistant III
FH 217
Phone: (254) 519-5441

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