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Library Proxy Users

The library proxy checkout program allows university faculty and staff members to authorize other individuals to check out library materials with their library account.

Individuals who may be given proxy privileges by faculty or staff include:

  • Other staff or faculty members,
  • Graduate assistants,
  • And student workers on special assignment.

The sponsoring faculty or staff member will receive notifications if items are overdue, lost, or damaged. Faculty and staff will be responsible for the return of materials checked out by an authorized proxy. Any library fines or replacement costs accrued as a result of items checked out by a proxy user will be placed on the account of the sponsoring faculty or staff member.

Faculty or staff must have a current University ID card (issued after 2009) and provide written authorization to set up proxy access to their library account at one of the Library Service locations. Faculty or staff may bring the authorization form to a service desk at the Fairway Building Reference Library or the Founder's Hall Library Extension.

Faculty or staff may also email a scanned copy of the completed form to, may have someone deliver it, or may send it through campus mail. If the form is not delivered in person by the faculty or staff member, the University Library will delay activation until the account owner is contacted to verify the proxy authorization.

When checking out material for a Faculty or Staff member, the proxy user must inform the service desk staff that he or she wishes to uses his or her proxy status. Otherwise, the item will automatically check out to the individual's student or courtesy user account. The proxy user must provide some form of picture ID, along with other verifying information on request.

All faculty and staff must renew proxy authorizations annually.


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Circulation Coordinator
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