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tamuct University Library

Alternate Location Delivery Request

Alternate Location Delivery

Alternate Location Delivery is available to all faculty, students, and staff of Texas A&M University-Central Texas. Alternate Location Delivery is used to extend access of library materials located at the Fairway Building to Founders Hall and the EWCHEC Library Extension. Any books, journal articles, or other materials owned by TAMUCT University Library can be temporarily moved to Founder's Hall, though some items may not be available for check out.

To find TAMUCT library materials not owned by your education site:

Alternate Location Delivery Fees and Guidelines

  • Deliveries between the Fairway Building and Founders Hall campuses are sent through campus mail. There is no charge, and it normally takes 2-3 days for an item to arrive.
  • Please include as much bibliographic information as possible in your request.

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