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Office of Employee Services


Faculty & Staff Service Awards

Congratulations go out to the TAMUCT faculty and staff receiving services awards!

service award recipients

15 Year Recipients

  • Mr. Curtis Dehnel

5 Year Recipients

  • Ms. Dawn Brewer
  • Dr. Anitha Chennamaneni
  • Dr. Kellie Cude
  • Dr. Deborah Davis
  • Dr. Mienie de Kock
  • Ms. Kerri Dehn
  • Mr. Curtis Dehnel

5 Year Recipients

  • Ms. Candice Dicker
  • Dr. Michelle Dietert
  • Mr. Wilke English
  • Dr. Sam Fiala
  • Ms. Lori Morgan
  • Mr. Anthony Fulmore
  • Ms. Phyllis Gatliff
  • Dr. David Geigle
  • Dr. Dorleen Hooten
  • Ms. Joyce Hulin
  • Mr. Antonio Johnson

5 Year Recipients

  • Dr. Lucas Loafman
  • Ms. Sue Lovelace
  • Dr. Luke Nichter
  • Dr. Claudia Rappaport
  • Dr. Allen Redmon
  • Dr. Garry Ross
  • Dr. Rick Simmons
  • Dr. Tracy Teaff
  • Dr. Brian Wortham
Dawn Brewer Receiveing Award
Dawn Brewer
Anitha Chennemeneni Receiveing Award
Dr. Anitha Chennemeneni
Candice Dicker Receiveing Award
Candice Dicker
Kerri Dehn Receiveing Award
Kerri Dehn
Michelle Dietert Receiveing Award
Dr. Michelle Dietert
Lori Morgan Receiveing Award
Lori Morgan
Anthony Fulmore Receiveing Award
Anthony Fulmore
Joyce Hulin Receiveing Award
Joyce Hulin
Antonio Johnson Receiveing Award
Antonio Johnson
Lucas Loafman Receiveing Award
Dr. Lucas Loafman
Claudia Rappaport Receiveing Award
Dr. Claudia Rappaport
Allen Redmon Receiveing Award
Dr. Allen Redmon
Rick Simmons Receiveing Award
Dr. Rick Simmons
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