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office of Student Financial Assistance

How to Receive Your Aid

Financial Aid Disbursement

To receive your financial aid, you must meet all eligibility requirements as listed on Eligibility to Apply and complete all the requirements specified on the Financial Aid tab of Student Self-Service. If these requirements are met and your aid is ready for disbursement, it will be disbursed to your student bill account with the Business Office no earlier than ten calendar days prior to the start of classes. Any aid available after that point will be disbursed to your student bill account within 48 hours of it being ready for disbursement. Please note that some scholarships and financial aid for students with consortium agreements with Central Texas College (CTC) or Temple College (TC) may not be disbursed until the Consortium Agreement is successfully completed and submitted to the Enrollment Services window in Founder's Hall (1st floor). After your completed consortium agreement has been submitted, any aid available will be disbursed to your student bill account within 48 – 72 hours of it being ready for disbursement.

Completing Registration Payment

Your available financial aid, scholarship(s) and other resources (e.g., military tuition assistance programs, employer based programs, etc.) for that semester will be disbursed automatically to your student bill account with the Business Office. Your aid must be disbursed and applied to your account by the payment due date to avoid cancellation of your classes.

If the available financial aid, scholarship(s) or other assistance is not sufficient to cover 100% of your tuition and fee charges by the payment due date, you must pay the total remaining balance due or enroll in a payment plan (3 installment payments of 50%, 25%, and 25% of total tuition and fee charges) via Texan Bill Pay to avoid cancellation of your classes. For questions about completing your registration payment via Texan Bill Pay, please contact Business Office at (254) 519-5455.

Please Note: If you enroll in a payment plan and your available financial aid, scholarship(s), or other resources are not sufficient to cover the 1st installment payment, you will be required to meet the 1st installment payment by the payment due date. If you are unable to pay their first installment payment at Texas A&M University—Central Texas, you may apply for a Short-Term Loan (other eligibility criteria apply).


Financial aid funds are credited directly to the student's bill account with the Business Office. Any excess funds remaining after the student's bill account is paid in full will be issued by the Business Office as a refund. To ensure a quick and secure delivery of your refunds, sign up for an Electronic Refund by creating a payment profile via the Texan Bill Pay system. Refunds will not be made available until the first day of classes. For questions about any refunds, please contact the Business Office at (254) 519-5455 or visit the Business Office.

Students may seek assistance from our office if they have any issues in regard to refunds not being available for the purchase of books. For more details, please contact our office.

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