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office of Institutional Compliance

Title IX Designated Officials

The Title IX Coordinator has primary responsibility for coordinating efforts for investigation, resolution, implementation of corrective measures, and monitoring the educational environment and workplace to stop, remediate, and prevent discrimination on the basis of sex.

To assure University-wide compliance with this procedure and with federal and state law, the Title IX Coordinator must be advised of all reported incidents of discrimination or sexual misconduct and their resolution, regardless of where the complaint is brought, investigated, or resolved. The Designated Official or designee in conjunction with the Title IX Coordinator will investigate allegations of discrimination in consultation with the respondent's supervisor, provided the supervisor is not an alleged perpetrator.

Any member of the University community may report conduct that may constitute sexual harassment/misconduct under this policy. In addition, administrators, faculty, supervisors, managers and other designated employees are responsible for preventing sexual harassment, to correct it when it occurs, and to report it promptly to the Title IX Coordinator designated to review and investigate sexual harassment and complaints regarding discrimination, harassment, abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Students, faculty, staff, visitors, and applicants for employment or admission should notify the appropriate Designated Official below who handles alleged violations perpetrated by students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Employees and student should also notify their supervisor (if that person is not the suspected offender), but are not required to report alleged violations to a direct supervisor or the alleged offender and may instead notify another supervisor or administrator.

Dean of Student Affairs
Texas A&M University-Central Texas
1001 Leadership Place
Killeen, TX 76549
WH 105C
(254) 519-5748

Texas A&M University-Central Texas
1001 Leadership Place
Killeen, TX 76549
FH 429D
(254) 519-5447

Director of Employee Services
Texas A&M University-Central Texas
1001 Leadership Place
Killeen, TX 76549
WH 424B
(254) 519-8016

For reporting incidents or making inquiries regarding discrimination based on sex, you may contact Ms. Deserie Rivera, the Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer at (254) 519-5722 or

For emergencies call 911, the University Police Department (254) 501-5800, or any local law enforcement agency.

Reporting Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

Employees of the A&M System are required to report factual information regarding fraudulent, wasteful, or abusive activities that may involve the System or any of its members. To report such activities, employees can call the A&M System Risk & Misconduct Hotline at 1-888-501-3850 or submit a report via the Internet at the System's Risk & Misconduct hotline. Employees can also call the State Auditor's Office at 1-800-892-8348 or submit a report via the internet at

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