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office of Career & Professional Development

Job and Internship Expo

Employers use job and internship expos to promote their opportunities and screen applicants. They are an excellent venue for meeting hiring professionals from multiple organizations in a short period of time. The concentration of hiring professionals at job expos make these events a prime opportunity to network and submit your resume to potential employers.

How to Navigate a Job and Internship Expo

Effectively networking a Job and Internship Expo is an excellent strategy for career success. Below are a few tips on making a great first impression at a Job and Internship Expo.

  • Research the organizations attending the event
  • Have your resume reviewed by The Office of Career & Professional Development before submitting it to employers
  • Dress professionally
  • Use a strong handshake
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Remain confident

If you would like to learn more or practice your skills, contact The Office of Career & Professional Development to set up an appointment!

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