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office of Career & Professional Development

Alumni Services

We are here to serve you beyond graduation. If you have graduated within the past 12 months, you have unlimited access to all of our services.

Resume and Cover Letter Reviews

Your resume is a primary tool in your job search. You can schedule a face-to face review or email your resume to to learn how to effectively present your qualifications and skills. Find out more about Resumes and Cover Letters.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are vital to your interviewing success. Practice your interview skills with our virtual or face-to-face interviewing programs.

Career Coaching Sessions

Feeling lost in your career search? Questioning your professional identity? Career coaching offers the guidance you desire when your search feels daunting and overwhelming

Career Fairs

The Office of Career & Professional Development hosts an annual Fall Job Expo. Don't miss this opportunity to network with employers and circulate your resume.

Business Etiquette Dinners

Interviews are not just conducted in offices. Often you'll find yourself in a situation where the employer asks you out to lunch or dinner as part of the interview process to try and learn more about you and your mannerisms. Don't miss a job offer because you didn't pass the rolls correctly! Find out more about Business Etiquette Dinners.

Federal Employment Workshop

Learn how to obtain a federal job and be a First-Time-Go. This workshop will help you design a winning application and learn the ins and outs of the federal employment system.

Employer Roundtables

This is a fantastic monthly opportunity to network with employers. Explore the spring 2013 Roundtable schedule.

Personality Assessment

Lau Tzu's wise words, "He who knows himself is enlightened" are applicable to strategizing your success. Exploring yourself through a personality assessment can help you answer the common interview question, "Tell me about yourself". Answering the question becomes easier when you know your top strengths, interests, and abilities.

Graduate School Services

We offer assistance with curriculum vita and personal statement reviews and preparation for your graduate school interview.

Submit Your Warrior Success Story

Let us celebrate your new career, internship, or other professional opportunities by submitting your Warrior Success Story for review and display on the Career & Professional Development website.

Tell Us Your Story

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