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Program: Aviation Science

Showcase Of Successful Aviation Graduates

TAMUCT Commencement Spring 2014

  • Fall 2013 Graduates

TAMUCT Commencement Summer 2013

  • Spring 2013 Graduates
  • Adam  Kouloumoundras
  • Adam  Kouloumoundras
  • Adam  Kouloumoundras
Adam Kouloumoundras is shown in front of the T-45 he has flown in the United States Navy during his jet transition training during the Tailhook training. This advanced jet training is about 12-14 months long and covers the basics to aircraft carrier training to air to air combat. Adam graduated from Tarleton State University in the May of 2004.

  • Paul Bainbridge
Paul Bainbridge is shown flying the P-3C ORION for the Navy over east Africa and the orient. Paul graduated from Tarleton State University in December, 2003.

TAMUCT Commencement Spring 2011

  • Spring 2011 Graduates
  • Brian  Logan
Brian Logan stands in front of the Canadian Regional Jet 200 that he flies for PSA.  Brian graduated from Tarleton State University in May, 2007.
  • Chris_Christian
Chris Christian graduated from Tarleton State University in the May of 2005.  He presently flies for Northwest Airlines in the DC-9.
  • David  Davis
  • David  Davis
David Davis graduated Tarleton in Dec 2003. He attended Joint Undergraduate Pilot Training at Whiting Naval Air Station and then Vance AFB. He flew the T-34, T-38, and now is flying the B-52H in Minot, ND.

TAMUCT Commencement Fall 2010

  • Fall 2010 Graduates

  • Eric Miller
Eric Miller is shown in the CRJ 200 for SkyWest. Eric graduated from Tarleton State University in May 2004. He was hired by Skywest in September 2005,and is now captain in the Canadiar Regional Jet 200 and 700.
  • Justin  Millican
Justin Millican works as an airport operations supervisor at the Midland International Airport in Midland, Texas.  Justin graduated from Tarleton State University as an Airport Management major in December, 2006.
  • Matt  Lockhart
Matt Lockhart is shown flying as a 727 Flight Engineer for Champion Air. He is currently flying a Falcon 20 for Kalitta Charters, out of Ypsilanti, MI.  Matt graduated from Tarleton State University in May, 2004.

TAMUCT Commencement Spring 2010

  • Spring 2010 Graduates

  • Mike  Dall
Mike Dall flies the KingAir 200 for CJ Systems with Cooks Children Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Mike graduated from Tarleton State University in May, 2006.

TAMUCT Commencement Summer 2009

Zachary Brock, James Harper, Abraham Varghese, Abraham Varghese, Christian Vazquez, Benjamin Walsh

  • Michael  Garrett
Michael Garrett was recently appointed airfield manager at the Robert Gray Airfield in Killeen, Texas. Michael was Tarleton State Universities’ first double aviation major with a specialization in airport management and professional pilot.  He graduated from Tarleton in August, 2008.

TAMUCT Commencement Spring 2009

  • Spring 2009 Graduates
(Left to right) Stephen Lovett, James Blakley, Ty Collier, Daniel South, Michael Martin, Christian Vazquez, Matthew Lagowski

  • Mike Rogers
  • Mike Rogers
  • Mike Rogers
Pictured above and left, Mike Rogers at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. He has upgraded to PIC in the Chinook helicopters with the United States Army. Mike graduated from Tarleton in May, 2004.

  • Okan  Roberts
  • Okan  Roberts
Okan Roberts flies the 747 for Kalitta Air in Ypsilanti, MI. Okan graduated from Tarleton State University in December, 2002.

TAMUCT Commencement Summer 2008

  • Summer 2008 Graduates
(Left to right) Jeffery Benavidez, James Edgerley, Bradley Pierce, Michael Garrett

  • Brodie Morrison
Brodie Morrison graduated from Tarleton University in December of 2004. He flew the Gulfstream G-1159 for Pacific Jet of Van Nuys, California for international charter services. He was recently hired by Express Jet in Houston, Texas.
  • Devin Crosby
Devin Crosby graduated from Tarleton State University in the summer of 2004. He is currently flying for a 135 charter company based out of the Dupage County Airport in West Chicago, IL. 

Devin presently serves as a Citation II captain, and he flies mainly in the midwest and eastern portions of the United States.

TAMUCT Commencement Spring 2008

  • Spring 2008 Graduates
(Left to right) James Jones, Bret Eich, Jason Findley, Dennis Horning, Travis Zachary, Ryan Kealler, Korey Rohlack, Nathaniel Moore, Ryan Zenor

  • Scott Doyle
Scott Doyle graduated from Tarleton State University in December 2003. He is currently with Northwest Airlink (Pinnacle Airlines) flying the CRJ-200 & 440. He is based in Memphis, TN.
  • Ryan Glanzer
  • Ryan Glanzer
Ryan Glanzer graduated from Tarleton University on May 06, 2003. He was hired by American Eagle and began his employment May 10, 2003. Ryan first flew the ATR-72 for American Eagle in Puerto Rico. He has since transitioned to the EMB 145 and is stationed at DFW.

Ryan was Tarleton University's fourth intern at American Airlines in May, 2003.

Ryan is shown with his new hire class (7th from the right, below) in May, 2003 at the American Airlines Flight Academy in Fort Worth, Texas.

TAMUCT Commencement Fall 2007

  • Fall 2007 Graduates
(Left to right)(Front Row)Barry Faubion, Marshall Collins, Michael Moyna
(Back Row)Gabriel Ortiz, Corey Hall, Matthew Gosh, Billy Slentz, David Wilder, Brian Schoen, Ernest Galvan
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