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Degrees Offered

Message to Students about 2013-2014 degree plans

Attention new students and current students who have changed their degree plan to the 2013-2014 catalog requirements. With the recent approval of our regional accreditation, some degree plan requirements may have changed. Please see your faculty advisor to ensure you have the most up-to-date advising plan for your catalog year. If you are unsure as to whom your faculty advisor is, please contact the department administrative assistant or the undergraduate advising office:

College of Arts and Sciences: Cortina Merritt 254-519-5441
College of Business Administration: Jennifer Perez-Rivera 254-519-5437
College of Education: Harriet Ott 254-519-5464
Professional Education and Policy Studies: Yvonne Imergoot 254-519-5485
Psychology and Counseling: Barbara Peek 254-501-5879
Social Work Majors: Lindsey Barnstable 254-519-5406
Undergraduate Advising: 254-501-5856

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies Bachelor of Social Work Bachelor of Science Nursing

Graduate Degrees

Master of Arts Master of Business Administration Master of Criminal Justice Master of Education
  • Counseling (School Counseling)
  • Curriculum and Instruction
    • (Support Areas: Special Education, Elementary Education, Professional Educational Diagnostician, Reading Specialist, Secondary Education)
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Administration with Principal Certification
    • Superintendent Certification program available subsequent to Principal Certification
Master of Science Specialist in School Psychology Academic Preparation for state and national certification and licensure requirements
  • Educational Diagnostician
  • Elementary Education Certificate by Texas State Board for Educator Certification
  • Licensed Professional Counselor Certificate by Texas State Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Principal/Mid-Management Certificate by Texas State Board for Educator Certification
  • Professional Reading Specialist
  • School Counselor Certificate by Texas State Board for Educator Certification
  • Special Education Certificate by Texas State Board for Educator Certification
  • Superintendent Certification
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